Desertores Islands

Desertores Islands are a group of islands in the Sea of Chiloé, between Chiloé Island and the mainland of Chile. They are the easternmost islands of the Chiloé Archipelago. They are administered as part of the Chaitén commune, in the Palena Province, unlike the rest of the Archipelago, which forms Chiloé Province. Talcan, the biggest and easternmost of the Desertores Islands, is just six km from the mainland.

Desertores Islands
Native name:
Islas Desertores
Desertores Islands, between Chiloé and Palena
Coordinates42.700779°S 73.020813°W / -42.700779; -73.020813
Adjacent bodies of waterPacific Ocean
Major islandsAuten, Chuit, Chulin, Imerquiña, Nayahue, Talcan
RegionLos Lagos
Additional information
NGA UFI -879525

The six main islands are Auten, Chuit, Chulin, Imerquiña, Nayahue and Talcan. There are several smaller islands, including Silla del Diablo, which lies half way between Chulin and the mainland.

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