Derbyshire County Cricket Club in 1920

Derbyshire County Cricket Club in 1920 was the English cricket club Derbyshire's fiftieth season. It was the club's twenty-second season in the County Championship and the most disastrous season ever experienced by any side since the County Championship was established.[1] Derbyshire lost 17 of the 18 matches played and the other was abandoned without a ball being bowled.

Derbyshire County Cricket Club seasons
1920 season
CaptainJohn Chapman
County Championship16
Most runsLeonard Oliver
Most wicketsArthur Morton
Most catchesHarry Elliott

1920 season

John Chapman was captain for the season, having held the post twice before World War I. The team was very unstable. Thirty eight players played for Derbyshire in the season, but only six played in more than half the matches. The club suffered from the absence of devastating bowler Billy Bestwick for all but one match, in which he took seven wickets, while other players such as Thomas Forrester and Arnold Warren were drawing to the end of their career. Leonard Oliver was top scorer and Arthur Morton with 89 wickets did the bulk of the bowling with Samuel Cadman. Oliver and Morton were the only players to score centuries.

Fifteen players made their debut in the season, half of them playing three or fewer matches. The most significant additions to the side were Harry Storer and wicket keeper Harry Elliott both of whom had long careers with the club and were members of the 1936 championship winning team. Newcomers Wilfred Carter, Jim Hutchinson, William Tomlinson, Anthony Jackson and Robert Bestwick played in several subsequent seasons. Those who only appeared in 1920 were Henry Radford, Kenneth Dobson and Douglas Linathan with three appearance, Albert Woodland and Allen Turner with two appearances and Geoffrey Brooke-Taylor, Timothy Boden and John Davis who only played one game each.


List of matches
No. Date V Result Margin Notes
1 15 May 1920 [2] Yorkshire
Bramall Lane, Sheffield
Lost Innings and 223 runs Kilner 206*
2 19 May 1920 [3] Lancashire
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Lost Innings and 160 runs Makepeace 132; A Morton 6-73; Cook 7-8
3 22 May 1920 [4] Warwickshire
County Ground, Derby
Lost 8 wickets Howell 6-25 and 6-39; A Morton 5-44; SWA Cadman 5-36
4 12 Jun 1920 [5] Essex
County Ground, Derby
Lost 6 wickets Douglas 8-39; A Morton 5-94; Reeves 5-61
5 19 Jun 1920 [6] Northamptonshire
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Lost 114 runs A Morton 5-61 and 6-35; Murdin 5-29 and 6-39
6 23 Jun 1920 [7] Lancashire
Old Trafford, Manchester
Lost Innings and 228 runs Tyldesley 169 and 5-40; Cook 5-50; Dean 5-26
7 03 Jul 1920 [8] Nottinghamshire
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
8 07 Jul 1920 [9] Leicestershire
Aylestone Road, Leicester
Lost 6 wickets King 8-61 and 5-41;W Bestwick 5-41; A Morton 5-33
9 10 Jul 1920 [10] Yorkshire
County Ground, Derby
Lost Innings and 71 runs Holmes 104; Robinson 5-20; Rhodes 7-24
10 14 Jul 1920 [11] Sussex
County Ground, Hove
Lost 134 runs A Morton 6-60; Cox 7-8
11 17 Jul 1920 [12] Somerset
County Ground, Derby
Lost 5 wickets A Morton 8-37; Robson 6-20
12 24 Jul 1920 [13] Northamptonshire
County Ground, Northampton
Lost 80 runs SWA Cadman 6-34 and 8-70; Wells 6-54
13 31 Jul 1920 [14] Warwickshire
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Lost 220 runs SWA Cadman 5-55; Howell 7-45
14 07 Aug 1920 [15] Sussex
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Lost Innings and 108 runs WJV Tomlinson 5-53
15 11 Aug 1920 [16] Leicestershire
County Ground, Derby
Lost Innings and 14 runs A Morton 105; Astill 5-24
16 14 Aug 1920 [17] Essex
Southchurch Park, Southend-on-Sea
Lost 104 runs A Morton 5-57; Louden 8-36
17 26 Aug 1920 [18] Nottinghamshire
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Lost 197 runs Whysall 142; L Oliver 170; Gunn 123
18 01 Sep 1920 [19] Somerset
Clarence Park, Weston-super-Mare
Lost 10 wickets Daniell 102; White 7-33 and 5-46


County Championship batting averages

NameMatchesInnsRunsHigh scoreAverage100s
HW Smith123424*34.000
L Oliver122454617022.751
GP Brooke-Taylor12443022.000
SWA Cadman17345284716.000
H Elliott142829942*15.730
CJ Corbett481096115.570
A Morton1734481105*15.511
A Warren243021*15.000
W Carter9182293512.720
FG Peach81618661*12.400
WN Malthouse486826*9.710
JM Hutchinson51093449.300
GF Bell3650208.330
AW Woodland242719*9.000
H Wild816135268.430
J Chapman1427191277.950
A Severn3647337.830
JD Southern2430207.500
TW Boden121497.000
DV Linathan363514*7.000
H Storer1224147326.680
WJV Tomlinson51058156.440
LE Flint121266.000
SM Holden1266*6.000
G Beet61269195.750
HW Radford3623145.750
GR Jackson91892145.110
TF Revill121055.000
FA Barber241984.750
CF Root12974.500
JW Davis12984.500
T Forrester22663.000
W Bestwick1265*3.000
RS Bestwick24962.250
AHM Jackson24751.750
KWC Dobson36631.500
J Horsley12221.000
W Reader-Blackton24411.000
A Turner24421.000[20]

County Championship bowling averages

A Morton46111808898-3720.31
SWA Cadman33211211588-7020.87
WJV Tomlinson622272145-5319.42
H Storer642350103-2335.00
A Warren28814194-4515.66
W Bestwick3189775-4113.85
A Turner25213863-6623.00
FA Barber31811752-3023.40
FG Peach21014943-5037.25
HW Radford1868642-1821.50
SM Holden1327233-7224.00
T Forrester30616122-11680.50
KWC Dobson1329911-2599.00
JM Hutchinson1388111-3581.00
DV Linathan1027811-1578.00
W Reader-Blackton18711-77.00
LE Flint1027411-7474.00
RS Bestwick126550
J Chapman18120
J Horsley48310
AHM Jackson132930
WN Malthouse114690
L Oliver1280
CF Root36170
H Wild6110
AW Woodland90690 [21]

Wicket Keeping

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