Derbyshire County Cricket Club in 1910

Derbyshire County Cricket Club in 1910 was the cricket season when the English club Derbyshire had been playing for thirty nine years. It was their sixteenth season in the County Championship and they won two matches to finish fifteenth in the Championship table.

Derbyshire County Cricket Club seasons
1910 season
CaptainJohn Chapman
County Championship15
Most runsErnest Needham
Most wicketsArthur Morton
Most catchesJoe Humphries

1910 season

Derbyshire played twenty two matches, all in the County Championship and won two and lost fourteen. Their two victories were courtesy of Leicestershire. John Chapman was in his first year as captain. Ernest Needham scored most runs, and Arthur Morton took most wickets.

Among the draws, the season produced one of the most memorable matches against Warwickshire at Blackwell in 1910 and not just a Derbyshire record 9th wicket partnership, but a world record 9th wicket partnership of 283 which still stands. At lunch time on the last day Derbyshire with eight second innings wickets down, were far behind Warwickshire's first innings score and Warwickshire looked certain of a comfortable win. Chapman and Arnold Warren were batting. William Taylor wrote "In view of their strong position, Warwickshire, I knew, were hoping to catch an early afternoon train, and, in conversation during the interval, I remarked to their fast bowler, Frank Field: You look like catching your train all right, Frank. The reply was, I'm not so sure about that, Mr. Taylor. These chaps are pretty good bats, you know. How right he was. Chapman and Warren made their runs in less than three hours and Warwickshire had to be content with a draw." [1] Chapman scored 165 and Arnold Warren 123.

Fred Root who became an international player and played five seasons for Derbyshire made his debut in 1910. Henry Jelf who retired from the navy played occasional games in this and the following season. Bertie Corbett, James Handford and Stanley Holden made their debuts and played a few games but only in the 1910 season. Charles Newcombe, who lost his life in the war and Arthur Marsden who died six years later at St Pancras, played their only first class games in the season.


List of matches
No. Date V Result Margin Notes
1 5 May 1910 [2] Surrey
Kennington Oval
Drawn W Smith 8-35; A Morton 6-71
2 9 May 1910 [3] Sussex
County Ground, Derby
Lost 8 wickets A Warren 6-64
3 12 May 1910 [4] Lancashire
North Road Ground, Glossop
Lost 128 runs Huddleston 8-31; A Morton 5-69
4 16 May 1910 [5] Essex
County Ground, Leyton
Lost 4 wickets G Curgenven 100; Tremlin 5-42; Mead 6-71
5 19 May 1910 [6] Sussex
The Saffrons, Eastbourne
Drawn Cox 6-52; SWA Cadman 5-36; Relf 5-68
6 26 May 1910 [7] Yorkshire
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Lost Innings and 142 runs Rothery 134; Denton 182
7 2 Jun 1910 [8] Kent
County Ground, Derby
Lost 304 runs Seymour 124; Hutchings 122; Blythe 6-36; A Warren 8-152; Wooley 5-35
8 9 Jun 1910 [9] Surrey
County Ground, Derby
Lost 10 wickets Hobbs 133; W Smith 7-36; A Warren 5-94; Lees 5-41
9 18 Jun 1910 [10] Warwickshire
Miners Welfare Ground, Blackwell
Drawn Charlesworth 216; A Warren 123; J Chapman 165; Foster 5-62;
10 25 Jun 1910 [11] Northamptonshire
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Lost 130 runs A Morton 5-142 and 5-76; Thompson 6-75 and 6-47
11 2 Jul 1910 [12] Leicestershire
County Ground, Derby
Won 6 wickets A Warren 6-59
12 7 Jul 1910 [13] Kent
Bat and Ball Ground, Gravesend
Lost 6 wickets Blythe 6-60 and 5-63; A Warren 5-71
13 11 Jul 1910 [14] Leicestershire
Aylestone Road, Leicester
Won 42 runs E Needham 159; L Oliver 104; Coe 101; Jayes 6-72; A Morton 6-50
14 14 Jul 1910 [15] Nottinghamshire
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Drawn A Morton 7-90 and 5-150
15 18 Jul 1910 [16] Hampshire
County Ground, Southampton
Lost Innings and 15 runs A Morton 7-144; Newman 7-77
16 25 Jul 1910 [17] Yorkshire
Park Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford
Lost Innings and 101 runs Hirst 5-35; Booth 5-34; Rhodes 5-5
17 1 Aug 1910 [18] Essex
County Ground, Derby
Lost 271 runs A Morton 6-83; Buckenham 6-49 and 5-31; A Warren 5-86
18 4 Aug 1910 [19] Warwickshire
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Lost 143 runs A Warren 5-81; Foster 6-65 and 6-51
19 8 Aug 1910 [20] Hampshire
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Lost 102 runs White 117; A Morton 8-117
20 13 Aug 1910 [21] Northamptonshire
County Ground, Northampton
Lost 6 wickets SWA Cadman 6-80; Wells 5-55
21 18 Aug 1910 [22] Nottinghamshire
Miners Welfare Ground, Blackwell
Drawn G Curgenven 109
22 22 Aug 1910 [23] Lancashire
Aigburth, Liverpool
Drawn 34 overs played for 38 runs


County Championship batting averages

NameMatchesInnsRunsHigh scoreAverage100s
G Curgenven71137110933.722
R Sale482076929.570
T Forrester10162977822.840
E Needham224288915921.681
J Chapman203671316520.971
A Morton22417738920.340
SWA Cadman20407538419.300
AE Lawton12373618.500
FA Newton12233338716.650
A Warren224161012316.481
L Oliver1730420104*15.551
J Humphries21353696515.370
HFD Jelf5101333713.300
RB Rickman7111133411.300
CF Root8111004911.110
G Grainger121110*11.000
H Cooper12211410.500
GR Gregory11101010.000
J Handford917137239.780
TA Higson3649368.160
WT Taylor2429107.250
J Bowden5963307.000
ST Langton11666.000
C Lowe3521175.250
FC Bracey59157*5.000
FH Taylor4831124.420
A Howcroft2417104.250
A Marsden12663.000
SM Holden34762.330
BO Corbett12110.500
CN Newcombe12110.500[24]

County Championship bowling averages

A Morton570026301168-11722.67
A Warren45212392858-15228.14
SWA Cadman36631586676-8023.67
RB Rickman43224372-3034.71
T Forrester40818464-730.66
CF Root22010252-3920.40
FC Bracey33016842-2742.00
L Oliver1267932-2026.33
TA Higson584221-021.00
C Lowe974811-3748.00
J Chapman680
G Curgenven24170
G Grainger54300
J Handford36310
SM Holden96390
R Sale72540
AE Lawton30210
E Needham54290
CN Newcombe72320
FA Newton12210 [25]

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