Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy

The Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy (DJAG)[1] is the second highest ranking JAG officer and lawyer in the United States Navy. As part of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, the DJAG serves as Commander, Naval Legal Service Command (CNLSC), and as Deputy Department of Defense Representative for Ocean Policy Affairs.[2]


Similar to the Judge Advocate General of the Navy (JAG), the DJAG is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. The DJAG may be chosen from judge advocates of the Navy and Marine Corps who have the qualifications prescribed for the JAG.[3] Upon appointment to the office of DJAG, the appointee, if they hold a lower rank, will be promoted to the rank of rear admiral or major general, as appropriate.[1]

Recent Deputy Judge Advocates General of the Navy

NamePhotoBranchTerm beganTerm ended
RADM Michael F. LohrUSN20002002
RADM James E. McPhersonUSN20022004
VADM Bruce E. MacDonaldUSN20042006
VADM James W. HouckUSN20062009
VADM Nanette M. DeRenziUSN20092012
VADM James W. Crawford, IIIUSN20122015
RADM John G. HanninkUSN20152018
RADM Darse E. Crandall, Jr.USN2018Incumbent

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