Department of Information (Australia)

The Department of Information (DOI) was an Australian Government department formed during World War II. The department was established in September 1939 under the leadership of John Treloar, the director of the Australian War Memorial, who remained in the role of departmental secretary until early 1941.[1] It was the first of 17 new Australian Government departments to be established during the war, and was responsible for both censorship and disseminating government propaganda.[2] The department was based in Melbourne throughout its existence, though it established divisions in Sydney and bureaus in New York City and London.[3] The DOI was broken up in 1950, with its functions being allocated between other departments.[2]

Department of Information
Department overview
Formed12 September 1939
Dissolved16 March 1950

Henry Gullett was the first Minister for Information.[4]

Ministers for Information

1Henry Gullett United Australia12 September 193914 March 1940Menzies
2Robert Menzies United Australia14 March 194013 December 1940Menzies
3Harry Foll United Australia13 December 19407 October 1941Menzies
4Bill Ashley Labor7 October 194121 September 1943Curtin
5Arthur Calwell Labor21 September 194319 December 1949Curtin
6Howard Beale Liberal19 December 194916 March 1950Menzies


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