Department for Child Protection (Western Australia)

Department for Child Protection is part of the Government of Western Australia.

Department of Child Protection
Agency overview
Formed1 July 2007
Preceding agencies
  • Department for Community Development
  • Department for Family and Children's Services
JurisdictionGovernment of Western Australia

It was created in response to a critical review of the Department of Community Development in January 2007.[1][2] At the time of its establishment, the government also mandated reporting of child sexual abuse.


The Department administers Acts and Regulations which include the following:[3]

  • Adoption Act 1994
  • Adoption Regulations 1995
  • Children and Community Services Act 2004
  • Children and Community Services Regulations 2006
  • Parental Support and Responsibility Act 2008
  • Parental Support and Responsibility Regulations 2009
  • Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004
  • Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Regulations 2005.[4]

The Children and Community Services Act 2004, came into operation on 1 March 2006,[5] the Department came into existence on 1 July 2007[1]

The legislation that governs the Department’s three service areas:

  • Supporting children and young people in the Chief Executive Officer’s care.
  • Protecting children and young people from abuse.
  • Supporting individuals and families at risk or in crisis.

The Department also has the capacity for information sharing where it benefits child protection[6]

Former agencies

(Other agencies might have had overlap in relation to Aboriginal children, but these are the main names[1][7]

  • 1908 - 1917 Public Charities and State Children's Department
  • 1917 - 1927 State Children's Department
  • 1927 - 1972 Child Welfare Department
  • 1972 - 1985 Department for Community Welfare
  • 1985 - 1992 Department for Community Services
  • 1992 - 1995 Department for Community Development
  • 1995 - 2001 Department for Family and Children's Services
  • 2001 - 2007 Department for Community Development

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