Dennis Loline

The Dennis Loline was a low-height double-decker bus manufactured by Dennis between 1958 and 1966.

Dennis Loline
AssemblyGuildford, England
Body and chassis
Floor typeStep entrance
EngineAEC AV470
Leyland O.600
Gardner 6LW
Gardner 6LX
Length8.5m to 9.4m


The Dennis Loline was basically a license-built Bristol Lodekka, being primarily supplied to municipal, private sector BET fleets and independent bus companies in the United Kingdom, during a period when Bristol's bus sales were restricted to state-owned bus companies.[1][2]

Production was to cease in 1962, however this was quickly reversed and it continued to be made until 1966.[3][4][5]

Three versions of the Dennis Loline were built: the Loline with rear entrance, Loline II with front entrance and the later Loline III with a revised front grille in front of the radiator and a different clutch and constant mesh gearbox.[6][7][8][9]

Aldershot & District Traction operated the largest number of Dennis Loline buses.

China Motor Bus in Hong Kong put one Dennis Loline into service in 1963. It was the first double-decker bus on Hong Kong Island.


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