The Denderstreek or Denderland is a region in Belgium. It is named after the river Dender. Though the river stretches over three provinces, Hainaut, East Flanders and Flemish Brabant, the region called after the river is situated in East Flanders. The Dutch word streek means region. Thus Denderstreek means the Dender Region. Most of the Denderstreek is part of the Scheldeland (Scheldtland), the rest is part of the Flemish Ardennes.

Location of the Denderstreek in Flanders
Region Flanders
Province East Flanders
Capital Aalst
  Total682.22 km2 (263.41 sq mi)
  Density559.34/km2 (1,448.7/sq mi)

Towns and communities in the Denderstreek

The Denderstreek includes the following towns and communities:

Note: Den Dotter is a part of Erpe-Mere and Haaltert, Terjoden is a part of Aalst and Haaltert.


  • There are several bicycle routes in the Denderstreek, including the Molenbeekroute (millbrook route), Denderende steden (dendering towns), the Reuzenroute (giants route) and the Ros Beiaardroute (steed bayard route).
  • There are also motorcycle and car routes like Denderroute zuid (Dender route south)


  • The Dender, main river in the Dender basin.
  • The Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek in Zottegem, Herzele, Haaltert, Erpe-Mere and Aalst (left bank) as a tributary of the Dender.
  • The Molenbeek (millbrook) in Zottegem, Herzele, Erpe-Mere, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Lede and Wichelen, being one of the Drie Molenbeken (three millbrooks), part of the drainage basin the Drie Molenbeken as a tributary of the Bovenschelde.


Regions around the Denderstreek

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