Democratic Party (Mendoza)

The Democratic Party is a provincial conservative party in Mendoza Province and in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded around 1930.

Democratic Party

Partido Demócrata
PresidentRichard Gustavo Battigion
FoundersEmilio Civit, Benito Villanueva
FoundedJuly 31, 1931
Preceded byNational Democratic Party
HeadquartersSarmiento 667, Mendoza, Argentina
Youth wingJuventud del Partido Demócrata
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationCambiemos
ColoursWhite, blue
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies of Mendoza
1 / 48
Seats in the Senate of Mendoza
0 / 38

Since the return of the democracy in 1983, the party has been the third political force in Mendoza, except in 1999 when it won the second position in the elections.

It was member of the national Recrear electoral alliance led by Ricardo López Murphy although in 2007 it supported the presidential bid of Roberto Lavagna rather than López Murphy.

In the 2013 legislative elections, it would form a center-right alliance with the Republican Proposal, called the PD - PRO Union.

Since 2015, he has participated in an alliance with the Radical Civic Union and other parties in a centrist alliance called «Frente Cambia Mendoza», supporting the radical Alfredo Cornejo, as governor of the Province, which finally manages to win the general elections.

He is also in the City of Buenos Aires and supports Mauricio Macri since 2003. He is an ally of Republican Proposal in this district.

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