Delpher is a website providing full-text Dutch-language digitized historical newspapers, books, journals and copy sheets for radio news broadcasts. The material is provided by libraries, museums and other heritage institutions.[1] Delpher is freely available and includes about 1 million newspapers, 180,000 books and 1.5 million journal pages.[2]

The site provides a valuable source of historical texts in the Dutch language. An extended guide on how to use the vast database can be found at[3]


  • Books: 180,000 books, from the 17th century onwards
  • Journals: 80 journal titles from 1850-1940 [2]
  • Newspapers: about 8 million pages from the Netherlands, Dutch East Indies, Netherlands Antilles and Surinam, from between 1618 and 1995. This represents about 10% of the total published output in this period.[2]
  • Typoscripts for radio broadcasts by the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP), 1.8 million typed sheets from 1937 to 1984.[2]


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