Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens men's lacrosse

The Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens men's lacrosse team represents the University of Delaware in NCAA Division I men's college lacrosse. Delaware currently competes as a member of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) and plays its home games at Delaware Stadium in Newark, Delaware.

Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens men's lacrosse
Founded1948 (1948)
Athletic directorChristine Rawak
Head coachBen DeLuca (since 2018 season)
StadiumDelaware Stadium
LocationNewark, Delaware
NicknameFightin' Blue Hens
ColorsRoyal Blue and Gold[1]
NCAA Tournament Final Fours
(1) - 2007
NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals
(3) - 1984, 1999, 2007
NCAA Tournament appearances
(6) - 1984, 1999, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011
Conference Tournament championships
(3) - 2007, 2010, 2011
Conference regular season championships
(21) - 1961, 1962, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999, 2000, 2005


Head coach Bob Shillinglaw led the Blue Hens for over 30 years and is only the second man to coach 500 lacrosse games.

In 2007, Delaware was ranked 15th in the country heading into the 2007 NCAA tournament. The team had won seven games in a row and the CAA tournament. Delaware advanced to the semifinals (Final Four), defeating #2 Virginia before losing to Johns Hopkins 8–3. It marked the team's first NCAA Final Four lacrosse appearance.

In the program's history, Delaware has produced several notable players, including NCAA Player of the Year John Grant, Jr. among the world's best lacrosse players, Anthony DiMarzo 13th all-time in Division I career assists, Jordan Hall of the Major League Lacrosse Rochester Rattlers, Alex Smith also of the Rochester Rattlers, Matt Alrich, Bryan Barrett, Chris Collins, Keevin Galbraith, Jay Motta, John Ciliberto, Dan Deckelbaum, Chris Bickley, Mike "Moses" Marone, Scott Rickli, RC Reed and Curtis Dickson.

Season Results

The following is a list of Delaware's results by season as a NCAA Division I program:

Season Coach Overall Conference Standing Postseason
Mickey Heinecken (Middle Atlantic Conference) (1966–1972)
1971 Mickey Heinecken 9-38-21st
1972 Mickey Heinecken 8-36-23rd
Mickey Heinecken: 17-614-4
Jim Grube (Middle Atlantic Conference) (1973–1974)
1973 Jim Grube 5-85-4
1974 Jim Grube 7-54-4
Jim Grube (East Coast Conference) (1975–1978)
1975 Jim Grube 10-24-01st
1976 Jim Grube 11-14-01st
1977 Jim Grube 9-44-01st
1978 Jim Grube 7-73-11st
Jim Grube: 49-2724-9
Bob Shillinglaw (East Coast Conference) (1979–1991)
1979 Bob Shillinglaw 13-24-01st
1980 Bob Shillinglaw 8-84-01st
1981 Bob Shillinglaw 8-84-01st
1982 Bob Shillinglaw 6-104-01st
1983 Bob Shillinglaw 8-84-12nd
1984 Bob Shillinglaw 12-45-01stNCAA Division I Quarterfinals
1985 Bob Shillinglaw 9-74-1T-1st
1986 Bob Shillinglaw 10-66-01st
1987 Bob Shillinglaw 8-85-12nd
1988 Bob Shillinglaw 6-104-22nd
1989 Bob Shillinglaw 8-85-13rd
1990 Bob Shillinglaw 7-94-23rd
1991 Bob Shillinglaw 6-103-12nd
Bob Shillinglaw (America East Conference) (1992–2001)
1992 Bob Shillinglaw 8-74-01st
1993 Bob Shillinglaw 5-94-01st
1994 Bob Shillinglaw 8-64-01st
1995 Bob Shillinglaw 6-94-12nd
1996 Bob Shillinglaw 8-74-23rd
1997 Bob Shillinglaw 3-122-45th
1998 Bob Shillinglaw 9-63-22nd
1999 Bob Shillinglaw 14-35-01stNCAA Division I Quarterfinals
2000 Bob Shillinglaw 10-64-1T-1st
2001 Bob Shillinglaw 6-93-23rd
Bob Shillinglaw (Colonial Athletic Association) (2002–2017)
2002 Bob Shillinglaw 3-110-67th
2003 Bob Shillinglaw 5-100-56th
2004 Bob Shillinglaw 10-62-3T-3rd
2005 Bob Shillinglaw 11-64-1T-1stNCAA Division I First Round
2006 Bob Shillinglaw 12-53-3T-3rd
2007 Bob Shillinglaw 13-64-23rdNCAA Division I Final Four
2008 Bob Shillinglaw 9-73-3T-3rd
2009 Bob Shillinglaw 5-102-4T-5th
2010 Bob Shillinglaw 10-73-2T-2ndNCAA Division I First Round
2011 Bob Shillinglaw 11-74-2T-2ndNCAA Division I First Round
2012 Bob Shillinglaw 6-91-5T-6th
2013 Bob Shillinglaw 5-101-5T-6th
2014 Bob Shillinglaw 7-91-4T-5th
2015 Bob Shillinglaw 5-101-46th
2016 Bob Shillinglaw 5-102-3T-4th
2017 Bob Shillinglaw 7-80-56th
Bob Shillinglaw: 310-303124-79
Ben DeLuca (Colonial Athletic Association) (2018–Present)
2018 Ben DeLuca 6-83-2T-2nd
2019 Ben DeLuca 10-53-23rd
Ben DeLuca: 16-136-4

      National champion         Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion         Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion       Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

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