Defence Equipment and Support

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is a trading entity and joint-defence organisation within the UK Ministry of Defence. It began operating on 2 April 2007 following the merger of the MoD's Defence Procurement Agency and the Defence Logistics Organisation, under the Chief Executive Officer of Defence Equipment and Support.[1]

Defence Equipment and Support
Agency overview
Formed2 April 2007
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
HeadquartersMoD Abbey Wood, England, United Kingdom
Minister responsible
Parent agencyMinistry of Defence

The organisation had a civilian and military workforce of around 29,000 (77 per cent civilian and 23 per cent military), in the UK and abroad. DE&S operates as a single Top Level Budget. As of 2008 the DE&S workforce was around 24,500, further reducing under the 'PACE' business improvement programme to around 21,000 by 2012. Of this, around 8,000 posts have been housed at Abbey Wood since 2012.[2]


Defence Equipment and Support was established on 2 April 2007. DE&S is overseen by the Minister of State for Defence Procurement. The organisation supports Joint Forces Command and the subsidiary individual armed services thorough Headquarters Air Command, Army Headquarters and Navy Command,

Strategic governance

Defence Equipment and Support Board


Chairman and Non-Executive DirectorPaul Skinner2015-2019
MOD Permanent Secretary (PUS)Stephen Lovegrove2015-
Chief Executive Officer (DE&S)Sir Simon Bollom2018-
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Military Capability)Lt Gen Mark Poffley OBE2015-
Non-Executive DirectorJames Dorrian2015-
Non-Executive DirectorPaul Smith2015-
Non-Executive DirectorAndrew Wolstenholme OBE2015-

Mark Russell will become chairman in November 2019.[3]

The Board provides strategic governance for DE&S and a robust forum for independent, non-executive support and constructive challenge to the Chief Executive and the Executive Committee. The DE&S Board delegates some activities to sub-committees of the Board, namely the Audit, Remuneration, Programme Review and Nomination Committees. The Chairman ensures that the Board receives feedback on these sub-Committees and that it is able to consider their recommendations.[1]

Direction and oversight

Executive Committee Defence Equipment and Support


Chief Executive Officer (DE&S)Sir Simon Bollom2018-
CoM (Fleet)Vice-Admiral Simon Lister CB OBE2013–2017 * see notes
CoM (Submarines)Vice-Admiral Simon Lister CB OBE2017 *
CoM (Ships)Sir Simon Bollom2017-
CoM (Land)Lieutenant-General, Paul Jaques CBE2015-
CoM (Air)Air-Marshal Julian Young CB OBE RAF2015-
CoM (Joint Enablers)Pete Worrall CB OBE2015-
DG Resources (CFO)Michael Bradley2015-
DG CommercialNick Elliott2015-

DE&S is led on a day-to-day basis by the Executive Committee, which consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Director General Resources as Chief Finance Officer, the Director General Commercial and six Chiefs of Materiel who lead the delivery of the programme of work in their respective domains.[1]

Note:Vice-Admiral, Lister is currently on a sabbatical from his Royal Navy Career to be Managing Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

Sub Committees

Includes: The following subordinate Committees provide specialised support to the Executive Committee.[1]

Business Case Review Committee
Innovation & Prosperity Committee
People Committee
Performance Committee
Safety Committee
Security Committee
Transformation Committee

Administration of (DE&S) and Senior Leadership

The organisation is under the leadership of a civilian Chief Executive Officer of Defence Equipment and Support since 2015. After the restructuring in 2011 there are four three-star posts under the Chief of Defence Materiel. These are the positions of Chief of Materiel (Fleet), a Royal Navy Vice Admiral, and Chief of Materiel (Land), a British Army Lieutenant General (who also holds the appointment of Quartermaster-General to the Forces), Chief of Materiel (Air), a Royal Air Force Air Marshal and Chief of Materiel (Joint Enablers).

Chief Executive Officer of Defence Equipment and Support

Chief of Defence Materiel
Name Date held
General Sir Kevin O'Donoghue[5] 2007-2010 [6]
Bernard Gray[7] 2011-2015
Tony Douglas[1] 2015-2018
Michael Bradley[8] January 2018-May 2018
Sir Simon Bollom[9] May 2018 – Present

Chiefs of Materiel for Air/Army/Navy/Joint-Enablers

The Chiefs of Materiel (CofMs) are responsible for managing key relationships with the Capability Sponsor and User. They work at the strategic level to make sure that the operational readiness and sustainability needs of the User are met.[10]

The CofMs ensure an ethos of support to operations is in place to the User, throughout all DE&S activity.

Chief of Materiel (Fleet)/Chief of Fleet Support

Chief of Materiel (Fleet)/Chief of Fleet Support[11]
Name Date held
Vice Admiral Trevor Soar[12] Jan 2007 - 2009
Vice Admiral Andrew Mathews 2009–2013
Vice Admiral Simon Lister[13][14] 2013–2017

Chief of Materiel (Submarines)

Chief of Materiel (Submarines)
Name Date held
Vice Admiral Sir Simon Lister [10] 2017 - 2017
Directorate of Submarine Acquisitions
Director Submarine Acquisition
Name Date held
Rear-Admiral Paul Methven [10] 2017 -
Directorate of Submarines Support
Chief Strategic Systems Executive & Director Submarines Support
Name Date held
Rear-Admiral Keith Beckett [10] 2017 -

Chief of Materiel (Ships)

Chief of Materiel (Ships)
Name Date held
Sir Simon Bollom [10] 2017 - 2018
Vice Admiral Christopher Gardner[15] 2019 - Present
Directorate of Ships Support
Director Ship Support
Name Date held
Neal Lawson [10] 2017 -
Directorate of Ships Acquisition
Director Ship Acquisition
Name Date held
Henry Parker [10] 2017 -

Chief of Materiel (Land)

Chief of Materiel (Land)/Quartermaster-General to the Forces
Name Date held
Lieutenant General Dick Applegate [16] 16 January 2007[17] to 1 September 2009
Lieutenant General Sir Gary Coward 1 September 2009[18] to May 2012
Lieutenant General Christopher Deverell May 2012 to 8 March 2016[19]
Lieutenant General Paul Jaques [10] 8 March 2016 - 7 December 2019[20]
Directorate of Land Equipment
Director Land Equipment
Name Date held
Major-General, Robert Talbot Ric [10] 2017 -
Directorate of Weapons
Director Weapons
Name Date held
Richard Smart [10] 2017 -

Chief of Materiel (Air)

Chief of Materiel (Air)
Name Date held
Air-Marshal Sir Barry Thornton[16] 1 April 2007 - 30 April 2009
Air-Marshal Sir Kevin Leeson 1 May 2009[21] – October 2012
Air-Marshal Simon Bollom October 2012 – April 2016
Air-Marshal Julian Young [10] April 2016 –
Directorate of Air Support
Director Air Support
Name Date held
Adrian Baguley [10] 2017 -
Directorate of Combat Air
Director Combat Air
Name Date held
Air-Vice-Marshal Keith Bethell [10] 2017 -

Chief of Materiel (Joint Enablers)

Chief of Materiel (Joint Enablers)
Name Date held
Dr Andrew Tyler 1 May 2011 to 21 June 2011
Trevor Woolley 1 June 2011
Peter Worrall [10] October 2013 – Present
Directorate of Helicopters
Director Helicopters
Name Date held
Air-Vice-Marshal Graham Russell [10] 2017 -

Submarine Delivery Agency

Chief Executive
Name Date held
Ian Booth [10] 2017 -


Directorate-General (Commercial)

Director-General, Commercial
Name Date held
Nick Elliot [10] 2015
Director DE&S Commercial Operations
Name Date held
Alan Peter [10] 2017 -
Commercial Function
Director Commercial Capability
Name Date held
Mike Greatwich [10] 2017 -
Contract Management
Director Commercial Improvements
Name Date held
Morag Stuart [10] 2017 -
Corporate Function Manager
Commercial Corporate Function Manager
Name Date held
Stephen Palmer [10] 2017 -

Directorate-General (Resources)

Director-General, Resources
Name Date held
Michael Bradley [10] 2016-2018
Director Financial Plans & Analysis
Name Date held
David Johnson [10] 2017 -
Director Transformation
Name Date held
Geoff Robins [10] 2017 -
Information Technology
Director Chief Information Officer
Name Date held
TBA 2017 -
Corporate Function Manager
Finance and Accounting Corporate Function Manager
Name Date held
Rob Young [10] 2017 -

Directorate Human Resources

Director Human Resources
Name Date held
Don Cuthbert [10] 2016
Insight and Research
Director HR Insight and Research
Name Date held
David Ball [10] 2017 -
Corporate Function Manager
HR Corporate Function Manager
Name Date held
Maureen Doherty [10] 2017 -

Directorate, General Programmes

Director General Programmes
Name Date held
Tony Chisnall [10] 2017
Corporate Function Managers
Corporate Function Managers
Name Date held
4 officials supporting DirGenProgmm's [10] 2017 -

Directorate, Corporate Operations

Director Corporate Operations
Name Date held
Barry Burton [10] 2017
Corporate Function Managers
Corporate Function Managers
Name Date held
3 officials supporting DirCorpOps [10] 2017 -

Major projects

DE&S manages a variety of defence procurement and support projects inherited from the DLO and DPA for all three services. Examples of current and future procurement projects include:






Main locations

As of 2016 the main locations (with staff numbers) were:[23]

Responsibility for 'Logistics, Commodities and Services' (including storage and delivery of non-weaponry equipment, such as food and clothing, to soldiers)[24] was contracted out to the private sector in 2015 under an arrangement that included the transfer of 1,100 staff and construction of a new 'Defence Fulfilment Centre' at MoD Donnington.[23]


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