Deep Submergence insignia

The Deep Submergence Insignia is a uniform breast pin worn by officers, both men and a few women (1993 to 1997 before The Department of the Navy changed the policy) of the United States Navy's submarine service who are qualified in submarines and have completed one year of regular assignment to a Manned or Unmanned Deep Submersible.[1] The badge was first approved on 6 April 1981.[2]

Examples of eligible Deep Submersible Vessels include:

The insignia is also authorized to a supporting deep submergence detachment.

The Deep Submergence Insignia is issued in two grades, gold for officers and silver for enlisted personnel (enlisted personnel may wear the gold pin if they have qualified officer watches). The pin shows the broadside of a Trieste in front of a vertical trident, flanked by heraldic dolphins.[3] The badge is considered a "secondary insignia" and is normally worn on the left uniform pocket, beneath award ribbons and any primary warfare badges, such as the Submarine Warfare Insignia.[4] Personnel eligible to wear other secondary insignias, such as the Submarine Combat Patrol Insignia or SSBN Deterrent Patrol Insignia, may only wear one insignia at a time according to their personal desire.[1]

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