Debaser (rap group)

Debaser is a two-man hip-hop group from Oregon, United States,[1] and are part of the crew Sandpeople. The duo consists of Ethic (MC) & Sapient (MC/Producer) and was founded in late 2005. Their name is a direct reference to the definition of the word debaser, not to be confused with the popular song Debaser by the Pixies.


Ethic & Sapient both grew up in the city of Eugene, Oregon where they were family friends at a young age. It wasn't until 2005 that the two began making music together and the group Debaser was quickly formed the same year.[2]

In early 2006, Debaser juggled driving from Eugene to Portland on weekends to record Sandpeople projects with doing shows in the Pacific Northwest & recording their debut album Crown Control,[3] which featured Opio (of Hieroglyphics), Luckyiam (of Living Legends), Grayskul and Sleep (of Oldominion). They began touring as a group regularly throughout the Western United States in 2007.

Debaser spent much of 2008 & 2009 working on music with their crew Sandpeople and touring. During that time, Sapient also focused on establishing himself as a producer. He has since made beats for tracks that featured Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan, Slug of Atmosphere, and Aesop Rock to name a few.

In late 2009, they released a follow-up to Crown Control as a free album named Back to Work.[4] It was offered exclusively as a download on Sandpeople's website[5] and features Phat Kat, Rasco and Luckyiam.

Debaser released the album Peerless on May 4, 2010. The 14-song album features The Grouch,[6] Cage & Eyedea.

Before Debaser was formed, Ethic spent a little over one-year in Australia living in the city of Melbourne, Victoria. During his time there, Ethic collaborated with many of Australia's most heralded artists including Bliss n Eso who have featured the MC on two of their albums. He also appeared on the album Interview with a Madman by Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read, a man considered to be a part of "Australia's criminal folklore,"[7] and was a judge for the first ever MC battle between Australia & New Zealand.[8]



  • Crown Control (2006)
  • Back to Work (2009)
  • Peerless (2010)


Compilations & Appearances

  • Points of View - Sandpeople (2004)
  • All in Vain - Sandpeople (2005)
  • Axis - Pegz (2005)
  • Interview with a Madman - Chopper Read (2006)
  • Sandpeople Presents... - Sandpeople (2006)
  • The One & Only - Al-One & Only One (2006)
  • Roll Call - DJ Bonez (2007)
  • Honest Racket - Sandpeople (2007)
  • B-Sides, Vol. 1 - Sandpeople (2007)
  • Flying Colours - Bliss n Eso (2008)
  • B-Sides, Vol. 2 - Sandpeople (2009)
  • Long, Story Short - EP - Sandpeople (2009)


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