Death of Bradley Westell

Bradley Westell was a British commercial diver who died on 31 July 1995 in the North Sea off Bacton, Norfolk after his umbilical was dragged into one of the thrusters of the diving support vessel Stena Orelia. The accident led to the 1997 conviction of diving supervisor Kenneth Roberts for perverting the course of justice.[2][3] Roberts received the first prison sentence ever given for a crime committed offshore by a person working in the North Sea oil industry.[4]

Death of Bradley Westell
Date31 July 1995 (1995-07-31)
LocationNorth Sea, Scotland
CauseUmbilical drawn into vessel thruster
ParticipantsBradley Westell
Deaths1 (Westell)
TrialCase No. T960640, Regina v. Kenneth Roberts[1]


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