Deadly Venoms

Deadly Venoms is a Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated[1] all-female hip hop group formed in 1997 consisting of N-Tyce, J-Boo, Champ MC, and Finesse. X Clan-affiliated rapper Lin Que was initially intended to be part of the group but departed soon after its inception due to business decisions.[2] Each member of the group were experienced rappers prior to joining the collective. Finesse recorded an album with rapper Synquis named Soul Sisters in 1988,[3][4] Champ released her debut album Ghetto Flava on East West America/Atlantic Records,[5][6] and N-Tyce was signed to Wild Pitch/EMI in the mid 1990s and released a few singles including the RZA-produced "Hush Hush Tip" featuring Method Man.[7] The Deadly Venoms was J-Boo's professional introduction.[8]

Deadly Venoms
GenresHip Hop
Years active1993–present
LabelsA&M/PolyGram Records
DreamWorks/Interscope/Universal Records
Rocks the World/Caroline/Virgin/EMI Records
Associated actsWu-Tang Clan
Champ MC
Past membersFinesse
Lin Que

A legal dispute with A&M/PolyGram Records and the then-forthcoming merger between the MCA and PolyGram families of labels that formed the Universal Music Group forced its debut album, Antidote, to remain in its vaults, although the single “One More to Go” (featuring Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Cappadonna, Street Life, and GZA) b/w “Bomb Threat,” was released and the album was later leaked. Despite not being properly released, the album got positive reviews.[9] The group was also featured on NBA All-Star and rapper Shaquille O'Neal's 1998 album Respect. Deadly Venoms' second album, Pretty Thugs, was also never properly released because of similar label disputes, this time with DreamWorks/Interscope/Universal Records. However, as with Antidote, copies of the record were leaked, and a promo CD was pressed.

After the departure of Finesse due to undisclosed business reasons, the group finally managed to release an album with 2002's Still Standing, on Rocks the World/Caroline/Virgin/EMI Records.


  • (1998) Antidote (unreleased)
  • (2000) Pretty Thugs (unreleased)
  • (2002) Still Standing

Track listings

  • 1998: The Antidote (A&M/PolyGram Records 540 962, unreleased)

01. Intro -
02. One More To Go (The Earthquake) (featuring Inspectah Deck, Method Man, GZA, Cappadonna, and Street Life) (Produced by Russ Prez)
03. Drug Free (Free Ol' Dirty) ( featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard and Shorty Shit Stain) (Produced by Storm)
04. Counterfeiters
05. Ladies Room
06. What, What
07. Pockets Stay Deeply
08. The Way We Feel
09. D-Evils
10. Word Life
11. Everything
12. Ring-Bells Posse (The Symphony/PYN Symphony) (featuring M.M.O. and K.G.B.) (Produced by Storm)
13. Formulate
14. Slice Like Swords
15. Ready (featuring Tekitha)
16. Rap Scholar (Madd Long) (featuring La the Darkman and Jamie Sommers) (Produced by RZA)

17. Hidden Bonus Track
18. Hidden Bonus Track

  • 2000: Pretty Thugs (DreamWorks/Interscope/Universal Records 450 244, unreleased)

01. Chedda Intro
02. Party Chedda/Venom Interlude (featuring Ill Knob)
03. Venom Everywhere
04. You Do The Things
05. Worldwide
06. Sunrise
07. Don't Give Up
08. Wrong Place/Breaker
09. Rocks The World (featuring K.G.B.)
10. Who Got Ya Back?
11. This Is For/Breaker
12. Pillow Talk
13. Pretty Thugs
14. Public Service
15. What's The Deal? (featuring Tekitha)
16. Black Out/Goodnight

  • 2002: Still Standing (Rocks the World/Caroline/Virgin/EMI Records 8236 6 60001 2 8, 2002)

01. The Perfect Storm (Produced by Storm)
02. Remember The Name (featuring Riggamortis) (Produced by Lexx)
03. 50 Bars And Better (Produced by Storm)
04. Boys In The Back (Produced by Storm)
05. Gets No Better (Produced by Storm)
06. Don't Care (Produced by Storm)
07. Love Me (featuring Daze) (Produced by Storm)
08. All Nighter (Produced by Ski)
09. Look Into My Eyes (featuring Taunja) (Produced by Storm)
10. Like What (Produced by Storm)
11. Can't See Me (Produced by Storm)
12. Hunting Season (Produced by Smokin Joeh)
13. Don't Stop (feg M.M.O.) (Produced by Storm)
14. Real Hardcore (Produced by Storm)
15. Real Niggaz (featuring 40 Glocc, Ill Knob and Whiteboy) (Produced by Smokin Joeh)
16. Chasing Dreams (Produced by Storm)


  • 2002: Remember The Name

01. Remember The Name - (dirty)
02. Remember The Name - (radio)
03. Remember The Name - (instrumental)
04. Like What- (radio)
05. Like What - (instrumental)
06. Hunting Season - (dirty)


  • 1998: One More to Go
  • 1999: Venom Everywhere
  • 2000: Don't Give Up


  • Kurupt ft. Deadly Venoms - It's Time
  • Shaka Amazulu The 7th ft. Deadly Venoms - Ardipithecus Ramidus
  • Shaka Amazulu The 7th ft. Deadly Venoms - Marima (Floyd 2)
  • Shaq ft. Deadly Venoms & K-Raw - The Bomb, Baby


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