De Ateliers

De Ateliers (formerly Ateliers '63) is an independent art school in located in Amsterdam. It was founded in Haarlem in 1963, among others by Ger Lataster, Mari Andriessen, Nic Jonk, Theo Mulder and Wessel Couzijn. This "group of established artists... agreed that the formative process of fine artists should be more individually directed than the learning of a trade or the studying of a science."[1]

De Ateliers offers a postgraduate program, where young artists can work in their own workshops with accompanied by renowned artists and art critics. Students are called 'participants'. They are regularly visited in their workshops by the tutors and guests from The Netherlands and from abroad for individual interviews.

After many years located in Haarlem, the institute moved to Amsterdam into the former building of the Rijksakademie at the Stadhouderskade in the Amsterdam city center.

Among the accompanying have been: Armando, Stanley Brouwn, Constant Nieuwenhuys, Jan Dibbets, Didier Vermeiren, Edgar Fernhout, Carel Visser, Ger van Elk and Willem de Rooij.

Among the participants of De Ateliers have been: Philip Akkerman, [Marc Ruygrok], Marlene Dumas, Joep van Lieshout, Thomas Houseago and Rob Johannesma.

The supervisors were in 2017-'18:


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