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DeLuxe Color or Deluxe color is a brand of color process for motion pictures. DeLuxe Color is Eastmancolor-based, with certain adaptations for improved compositing for printing (similar to Technicolor's "selective printing") and for mass-production of prints. Eastmancolor, first introduced in 1950, was one of the first widely-successful "single strip color" processes, and eventually displaced three-strip Technicolor.

DeLuxe also offers "Showprints" (usually supplied to premieres in Los Angeles and New York). "Showprint" is DeLuxe's proprietary name for an "EK" (for "Eastman Kodak"), the generic name for a release print made directly from the original camera negative instead of from an internegative.

Among the movies that used the DeLuxe Color process are:

All of WB's Picturehouse, Morgan Creek Productions and New Line films were Deluxe, too as were Friends and a handful of WB and Disney 990s TV shows,

Also all of the Felix the Cat shows had prints by Deluxe (with MovieLab)

As Technicolor is now an all-Eastmancolor shop, there is virtually no difference between DeLuxe Color and Technicolor.

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