Deșteptarea (newspaper)

Deșteptarea (English: The Awakening) was a newspaper from the Republic of Moldova founded on May 20, 1989 as a newspaper of the Popular Front of Moldova. Ștefan Secăreanu was the editor in chief and Sergiu Burcă was the deputy editor in chief. The first two issues were printed in the Baltic states. After August 1990, its successor was Țara.[1][2][3]

PublisherPopular Front of Moldova
Editor-in-chiefȘtefan Secăreanu
Associate editorSergiu Burcă (deputy editor in chief)
FoundedMay 20, 1989
Political alignmentPopular Front of Moldova
Ceased publication1990 (successor: Țara)
Sister newspapersȚara

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  • Partidul Popular Creștin Democrat. Documente și materiale. 1998-2008. Volumul I (1988–1994).


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