David de Bernham

David de Bernham (died 1253) was Chamberlain of King Alexander II of Scotland and subsequently, Bishop of St. Andrews. He was elected to the see in June 1239, and finally consecrated, after some difficulties, in January, 1240. He died in 1253, and was buried at Nenthorn, near Kelso. One interesting feature of his life which has left a written record is the fact that as bishop of St Andrews he consecrated a long list of churches in his diocese. These churches are listed by name, together with the dates on which they were consecrated, in the 1240s, in a thirteenth-century Pontifical now in the Bibliotheque National, Paris (B.N. Latin 1218).


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Religious titles
Preceded by
William de Malveisin
Galfred de Liberatione (failed postulation)
Bishop of St Andrews
(Cell Rígmonaid)

Succeeded by
Robert de Stuteville (unconsecrated)
Abel de Golynn (consecrated)

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