David Nedohin

David Nedohin (born December 20, 1973) is a Canadian curler. Nedohin was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and now plays out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. He is best known as the longtime fourth for Randy Ferbey.

David Nedohin
Nedohin with the "Ferbey Four" in 2010
Born (1973-12-20) December 20, 1973
Curling clubSaville Sports Centre,
Edmonton, Alberta
Brier appearances5 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
World Championship
4 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2005)
Top CTRS ranking2nd (2004-05 & 2005-06)
Grand Slam victories4: World Cup/Masters (Feb 2006);
Players (2006, 2009, 2014)

Curling career

Nedohin joined the Randy Ferbey rink in 1997 and was a part of that team's four Brier championships and three world championships. Nedohin is renowned for his shotmaking ability - especially for making difficult combination takeout shots. Nedohin had a shooting percentage of 96% in the final of the 2003 Nokia Brier, and 95% shooting percentage in the final of the 2005 Men's Ford World Curling Championships. The team, famously named The Ferbey Four, popularized the "fourth" shooting position. Because of Nedohin's shotmaking ability, he threw the last two stones in each end, or the skip rocks. This meant that Ferbey, the skip, threw third stones while the front end positions remained the same. Because Nedohin was not the skip, he was labeled as the "fourth".

In 2010, The Ferbey Four split up with Ferbey joining the Brad Gushue. However, when Ferbey was dropped by the Gushue rink near playdown time, Ferbey and Nedohin re-joined forces again. They made it to the 2011 Boston Pizza Cup.

The 2011/2012 season saw Nedohin and Ferbey try to repeat their previous success by bringing Ted Appelman and Brendan Melnyk to the new team. After a very successful World Curling Tour season in which they qualified for every event they played in except for the Grand Slams, the team failed to qualify for the Northern Alberta Regionals. They lost the Edmonton Zone to Kevin Park. The result saw the team disband as Ferbey retired from competition. Nedohin would announce shortly later that the 2012/2013 season would see him playing with Colin Hodgson, Tom Sallows and Mike Westlund. There were many comparisons made between the newly formed team and early days of 'The Ferbey Four' based on age and experience. Nedohin is now set to join Kevin Martin's team in the 2013–14 curling season after the departure of John Morris, throwing third stones.

He has not officially announced retiring, but has curled very little since the 2014 season, focusing both on family life and curling commentary work.


Nedohin is the founder and president of Scope AR, a developer of Augmented Reality solutions and products for field maintenance, manufacturing, and training. He is married to Heather Nedohin and has two daughters.[1] He was also an analyst for CurlTV.com.[2] He attended Oak Park High School in Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba.


1995–96Arnold AshamDavid NedohinSean NedohinDon Rudd
1996–97Dale DuguidJames KirknessDavid NedohinDoug Armstrong
1997–98David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Carter RycroftPat McCallum
1998–99David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferCarter Rycroft
2000–01David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2001 Alta., Brier, WCC
2001–02David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2002 Alta., Brier, WCC
2002–03David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2003 Alta., Brier, WCC
2003–04David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2004 Alta., Brier
2004–05David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2005 Alta., Brier, WCC
2007–08David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2008 Alta.
2008–09David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2009 Alta.
2009–10David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque2009 COCT, 2010 Alta.
2010–11Randy FerbeyDavid NedohinBlayne IskiwDavid Harper2011 Alta.
2011–12David Nedohin (fourth)Randy Ferbey (skip)Ted AppelmanBrendan Melnyk
2012–13David NedohinColin HodgsonMike WestlundTom Sallows
2013–14Kevin MartinDavid NedohinMarc KennedyBen Hebert2013 COCT, 2014 Alta.


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