David Edwards (curler)

David Edwards (born September 13, 1979 in Dumfries, Scotland) is a Scottish male curler.

David Edwards
Born (1979-09-13) September 13, 1979
Member Association Scotland
World Championship
1 (2012)
European Championship
2 (2011, 2014)
Other appearancesEuropean Mixed Championship: 2 (2010, 2011),
World Junior Curling Championships: 1 (2001)

He is a 2012 World Men's silver medallist and a 2010 European Mixed champion.[1]


2000–01David EdwardsCallum AllisonKenneth EdwardsGraham SloanPaul Stevenson (WJCC)
Robert Kelly
SJCC 2001
WJCC 2001 (4th)
2004–05David EdwardsMoray CombeRichard DicksonSandy ReidSMCC 2005 (9th)
2005–06David EdwardsPaul WestwoodRoss PatersonSandy GilmourSMCC 2006 (9th)
2006–07David EdwardsPaul WestwoodRoss PatersonSandy GilmourSMCC 2007 (5th)
2008–09David EdwardsMoray CombeGavin FlemingGraham Sloan
2008–09Tom BrewsterDuncan FernieRonald BrewsterDavid Edwards
2009–10Tom BrewsterDuncan FernieRonald BrewsterDavid Edwards
2010–11Duncan FernieDavid EdwardsRichard WoodsColin CampbellSMCC (5th)
2011David MurdochGlen MuirheadRoss PatersonRichard WoodsDavid Edwards
David Ramsay
ECC 2011 (5th)
2011–12David EdwardsJohn PennyScott MacleodColin CampbellSMCC 2012
2012Tom BrewsterGreg DrummondScott AndrewsMichael GoodfellowDavid Edwards
Ronald Brewster
WCC 2012
2012–13David EdwardsJohn PennyScott MacleodColin CampbellSMCC 2013
2013–14David EdwardsJohn PennyScott MacleodColin CampbellGreig HendersonSMCC 2014
2014–15David EdwardsJohn PennyScott MacleodBilly MortonTom Brewster (ECC)
Greig Henderson
ECC 2014 (7th)
SMCC 2015 (4th)
2015–16Ewan MacDonaldDavid EdwardsRuairidh GreenwoodEuan ByersTom PendreighSMCC 2016 (7th)
2016–17Ewan MacDonaldDavid EdwardsDuncan FernieEuan Byers
Mixed curling
2010David EdwardsClaire Perras (SMxCC)
Kerry Barr (EMxCC)
Dillon PerrasLouise WoodSMxCC 2010
EMxCC 2010
2011David EdwardsKerry BarrScott MacleodLouise WoodSMxCC 2011
EMxCC 2011 (7th)
2014David EdwardsSusan KesleyColin CampbellFran StrettonSMxCC 2014

Private life

He attended the University of Aberdeen.


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