David Cunningham (musician)

David Cunningham (born 20 December 1954) is a composer and music producer from Northern Ireland.[1]

David Cunningham
Born20 December 1954
Occupationcomposer, music producer
Known forThe Flying Lizards
Notable work
  • The Listening Room
  • A Piano In a Gallery[1]

Cunningham was born in Armagh on 20 December 1954.[1] Between 1973 and 1977 he attended Maidstone College of Art, in Maidstone in Kent. In 1976 he released Grey Scale, an own-label LP of pieces in minimalist idiom.[1]

From about 1993, Cunningham began to make installations in which sounds within an architectural space were picked up by a microphone and then fed back into the space; the presence of an audience altered both the shape of the space and the sounds within it. A work of this type, The Listening Room, was installed in the Queen's Powder Magazine on Goat Island in Sydney Harbour during the Sydney Biennale of 1998.[1][2]


The Flying Lizards


  • Grey Scale (piano 001, 1976)
  • Zina - film soundtrack (Filmtrax MOMENT 103,1986)
  • Terminus - film soundtrack (Carrere – 66416, 1987)
  • Voiceworks (eva WWCX 2041, 1992, re-released as piano 505)
  • Water (MTM, 1992)
  • ext.night (piano 507, 1997)
  • Novembre (Editions Circuit, 2008)


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