David Copperfield (1974 TV serial)

David Copperfield is a British six-part television serial of the Charles Dickens novel adapted by Hugh Whitemore, directed by Joan Craft and first shown on BBC 1 in weekly parts from 1 December 1974. It was a co-production with Time-Life Television Productions.

This version was generally well received. In Clive James review for The Observer he wrote: "David Copperfield is as good as everybody says. Steerforth's flaw is well conveyed by Anthony Andrews, and Uriah Heep, played by Martin Jarvis, is a miracle of unction: to hear him talk is like stepping on a toad long dead. But Arthur Lowe's Micawber is better than anything. He follows W. C. Fields in certain respects, but is graciously spoken; and his gestures are as delicate as Oliver Hardy's. Not that his performance is eclectic - it is a subtle unity like everything he attempts."[1]



  1. Clive James Visions Before Midnight, p.112. Fields played Micawber in the 1935 film version.
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