Dauvit Broun

Dauvit Broun, FRSE, FBA (English: David Brown) (born 1961) is a Scottish historian and academic. He is the Professor of Scottish History at the University of Glasgow. A specialist in medieval Scottish and Celtic studies, he concentrates primarily on early medieval Scotland, and has written abundantly on the topic of early Scottish king-lists, as well as on literacy, charter-writing, national identity, and on the text known as de Situ Albanie. He is editor of the New Edinburgh History of Scotland series, the pre-1603 editor of the Scottish Historical Review, convener of the Scottish History Society, and the Principal Investigator of the Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project 'The Paradox of Medieval Scotland, 1093-1286'.


Dauvit was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2013[1]. In July 2017, Broun was elected a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA), the United Kingdom's national academy for the humanities and social sciences.[2]


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