Das Blaue Palais

Das Blaue Palais is a series of five TV feature films written and directed by German author and filmmaker Rainer Erler. All five stories about the research and findings of an interdisciplinary scientific project have also been published as novels by Goldmann in 1978 ("Das Genie"), 1979 ("Das Medium", "Unsterblichkeit", "Der Verräter") and 1980 ("Der Gigant"). The series had an international cast. It was shot in Bavaria, Scotland, the United States and Asia.

Das Blaue Palais
GenreScience Fiction
Created byRainer Erler
StarringJean-Henri Chambois
Lyne Chardonnet
Composer(s)Eugen Thomass
Country of originGermany
Original language(s)German
No. of episodes5
Camera setupFrank Brühne
Joseph Vilsmaier
Running time450 (5 x 90) min.


Prof. Manzini Jean-Henri ChamboisAll
Louis Palm Silvano TranquilliAll
Enrico Polazzo Dieter LaserAll
Yvonne Boucher Lyne Chardonnet1-3
Yvonne Boucher Helga Anders4-5
Sibilla Jacopescu Loumi Iacobesco1-3
Sibilla Jacopescu Evelyn Opela4
Jeroen de Groot Peter FrickeAll
Carolus Büdel András Fricsay Kali Son1-3
Carolus Büdel Eric P. Caspar4-5
Eugen von Klöpfer Werner Rundshagen1-3
Kühn Herbert SteinmetzAll
Felix van Reijn Rolf Henniger1
Mizuguchi Kenzo Nishimura1
Weigand Georg Marischka2
Dr Cavington Edward Meeks3
Ian Mackenzie Udo Vioff4
McLean Ben Zeller5

Overview of all episodes

Title Air date
1"Das Genie"October 15, 1974
A phenomenon is brought to the attention of the group of scientists known as "The Blue Palais": A hitherto unknown person is all of a sudden able to play the piano as brilliant as a pianist who just recently disappeared under unresolved circumstances.
2"Der Verräter" (The Traitor)November 12, 1974
Laser specialist Klöpfer develops a new synthetic fertiliser. Palazzo believes the application of this chemical could cause an Apocalypse in the long run
3"Das Medium" (The medium)December 10, 1974
Dr Cavington is a specialist in quantum mechanics. He investigates a young woman over supernatural talents because she has twice foreseen the coming lottery results.
4"Unsterblichkeit" (Immortality)October 19, 1976
Scottish biologist Ian McKenzie seems to have found the key to immortality.
5"Der Gigant"November 16, 1976
Chemist Enrico Polazzo works on a fully synthetic steel. He is hired by a multi-national company which cannot be trusted...
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