Darlington Borough Council

Darlington Borough Council is the local authority for the town of Darlington and the surrounding villages in North East England. The authority is composed of 50 ward councillors. Following the local elections in May 2019 the largest party is the Conservative group with 22 councillors. Labour has 20 councillors, with three Independens,three Liberal Democrats and two Green party councillors[4].

Darlington Borough Council
Mayor of Darlington
Cllr Nick Wallis, Labour
since 23 May 2019
Leader of the Council
Cllr Heather Scott, Conservative
since 2019
Managing Director
Paul Wildsmith
Seats50 councillors
Political groups
Administration (22)[1]
     Conservative (22)
Confidence and supply (6)[2]
     Liberal Democrat (3)
     Independent Conservatives (3)
Opposition (22)
     Labour (20)
     Green (2)
Last election
May 2019[3]
Next election
May 2023

The Authority was originally a non-metropolitan district of Durham County Council but absorbed the powers of the County Council in 1997 upon becoming a separate unitary authority. As of 2011 Darlington Borough has a population of 10586,000 residents.


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