Dark Odyssey

Dark Odyssey is a 1961 American erotic drama film directed by Radley Metzger.[1][2][3]

Dark Odyssey
Original film DVD cover
Directed byRadley Metzger
William Kyriakis
Produced byRadley Metzger
William Kyriakis
James Vlamos
Screenplay byRadley Metzger
William Kyriakis
James Vlamos
StarringAthan Karras
Jeanne Jerrems
David Hooks
Rosemary Torri
Edward Brazier
Nicholas Zapnoukayas
Ariadne Zapnoukayas
Music byLaurence Rosenthal
CinematographyPeter Erik Winkler
Edited byRadley Metzger
William Kyriakis
Era KM Films
Distributed byAudubon Films
Era KM Films
First Run Features
Release date
  • 1961 (1961)
Running time
85 minutes


An immigrant from Greece arrives in New York City to search for the man who mistreated his sister.


  • Athan Karras as Yianni Martakis
  • Jeanne Jerrems as Niki Vassos
  • David Hooks as George Andros
  • Rosemary Torri as Helen Vassos
  • Edward Brazier as Jack Fields
  • Nicholas Zapnoukayas as Mr. Vassos
  • Ariadne Zapnoukayas as Mrs. Vassos


Dark Odyssey was favorably reviewed by The New York Times.[4][5] According to film reviewer Howard Thompson, the film is a "thoughtful, unpretentious and creatively turned little drama ... a fresh, economical approach to an ancient dramaturgical formula".[4] Gary Morris, another film reviewer, describes the film as having "visual beauty and emotional power" and being a "literal Greek tragedy shot on location in New York City".[6] Film critic Dan Georgakas describes the film as the "best film featuring Greek American characters ever made".[7] Dark Odyssey has been described, by one reviewer, as having a neorealistic style similar to Elia Kazan's On the Waterfront (1954) and Martin Ritt's Edge of the City (1957).[8]


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