Dark Is the Night (film)

Dark Is the Night (Russian: Однажды ночью, romanized: Odnazhdy nochyu) is a 1945 Soviet war film directed by Boris Barnet.

Dark Is the Night
Directed byBoris Barnet
Written byFyodor Knorre
StarringIrina Radchenko
Boris Andreyev
Ivan Kuznetsov
Aleksei Yudin
Music byDavid Blok
CinematographySarkis Gevorkyan
Release date
  • 1 May 1945 (1945-05-01)
Running time
1h 13min
CountrySoviet Union


The film is set during the Great Patriotic War. At night a burning plane crashes on the ruins of an occupied city. The surviving Soviet pilots, among whom exist some who are seriously injured, hide from the Nazi persecution. To help them comes a very young Varya, who hides them in her attic. Having lost her mother and sister, she works as a cleaner in the German headquarters. Unbeknownst to the watchmen, she provides the pilots with food and medicine. She is happy about the fact that now there is someone to talk to and someone to help. But the Nazis manage to find out Varya's secret. Having had time to warn the pilots, Varya sacrifices her life in order to save them.


  • Irina Radchenko - Varya
  • Boris Andreyev as pilot Khristoforov
  • Ivan Kuznetsov as Vyatkin, pilot / Artankin
  • Aleksei Yudin as Belugin, school principal / Feldwebel
  • V. Leonov as Veselovskiy, grandfather
  • B. Vyazemskiy as Dr. Orlov
  • Olga Goreva as elderly woman Ulyana
  • Nikolai Dupak as pilot Sannikov
  • Boris Barnet as German commander Colonel Belts


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