Dark Horse (1992 film)

Dark Horse is a 1992 American drama film directed by David Hemmings. The screenplay by Janet Maclean was adapted from an original story by Tab Hunter.

Dark Horse
Directed byDavid Hemmings
Produced byAllan Glaser
Written byJanet McClean
StarringEd Begley Jr.
Mimi Rogers
Ari Meyers
Donovan Leitch
Music byRoger Bellon
CinematographySteve Yaconelli
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
CountryUnited States


The plot focuses on new-girl-in-town Allison Mills, a teenager who recently lost her mother. When she hangs out with the wrong crowd, she gets into trouble and is sentenced to community service at a local stable. There she comes to love spending time with the animals until an automobile accident cripples her and her favorite horse Jet. The wheelchair-bound girl learns to overcome her handicap through the indomitable spirit of the horse, who overcomes the odds and runs again.

Principal cast

Production notes

This film was the second project brought to the screen (the first being Lust in the Dust) by Glaser/Hunter Productions, owned by Tab Hunter and his life partner Allan Glaser.[1]

Hunter's story was inspired by an Arabian horse that was used as a double in the 1979 film The Black Stallion. After breaking his leg, the animal spent a full year recuperating in a sling. Although he never walked properly again, when set loose he could run with no problem.[2]

Director Hemmings insisted on shooting in his home base of Sun Valley, Idaho, where he was surrounded by an entourage offering strong support. He drank heavily during filming, and often was barely functional at the end of the day. Producer Allan Glaser tolerated his erratic and boorish behavior only because the dailies were so good.[3]

The film was shown at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival and received positive reviews. It was released theatrically in July 1992.[4]


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