Dante Lam

Dante Lam Chiu-Yin (simplified Chinese: 林超贤; traditional Chinese: 林超賢; pinyin: Lín Chāoxián) is a film director, writer and actor who is a major figure in Chinese action cinema. He was trained in the tradition of John Woo as an assistant director and worked as an actor and producer. He often writes and supervises his own choreography. In 2008 he won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director for his work on Beast Stalker.[1]

Dante Lam
BornMay 11, 1965
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese林超賢
Simplified Chinese林超贤

His 2018 release, Operation Red Sea is 2nd on the list of the highest grossing Chinese films of all-time and 9th in the international box office list of 2018 and won him Hundred Flowers Award for Best Director [2] and the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Action Choreography. [3]




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