Danish Transport Authority

The Danish Transport Authority (Danish: Trafikstyrelsen) is the Danish government agency responsible for regulating, planning and safety relating to public transport in Denmark. The agency also acts as an advisor towards the ministry related to policy and strategic development in transport. It further acts as the administrator of the government's procurement of ferry and rail transport through public service obligations and collects and publishes statistics related to public transport.

The agency was reorganised on 14 April 2010.[1] It is now a part of the larger Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (Danish: Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen).


The headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2010, annual revenue was +1.4 billion DKK ($235 million USD) and employees approximately 250 people.[2]


The role of the Danish Transport Authority includes the following functions:[3]

  • The Danish Government's railway authority, responsible for regulation, planning, safety and transport co-ordination nationally and internationally.
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Isles.
  • Road traffic safety and environmental regulation for heavy and light vehicles and regulation of vehicle type approval and inspection.
  • Regulation, approval and oversight regarding market access for railway, aviation and postal services.
  • International relations regarding transport markets including representation in forums within the European Union, intergovernmental organizations and the coordination of EU-matters and –hearings.
  • Adviser to the Ministry of Transport on matters relating to transport policy and the strategic development of the transport sector.
  • Licensing and transport-related training of personnel in the areas of railway, road and aviation.
  • Collection of data and publishing statistical information regarding railway safety, punctuality, etc.
  • Enforcement of Danish legislation regarding commercial road transport.
  • Promotion of environmentally-friendly road transport.


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