Danish Design Centre

The Danish Design Centre (DDC) is Denmark’s national center for design. Established in 1978, it is a semi-public organization under the Danish Ministry of Business, Industry and Financial Affairs. The role of DDC is to promote the use of design in business and industry, help professionalise the design industry, and document, promote and brand Danish design in Denmark and abroad.

DDC operates at the intersection of business and industry, the design profession, education and research institutions and public institutions, nationally and internationally.

The Danish Design Centre is rooted in Denmark’s design history and in the values of Danish design but is oriented towards the future. The official mission is "using design as an enabler of transformation", and the centre is organized in five platforms: Design Cities, Future Health, Design Startup, Design Resource and Next Business.[1]

The Danish Design Centre is located in BLOX, a hub for design, architecture and urban innovation in Copenhagen, and the CEO is Christian Bason.[2]


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