Daniel Bump

Daniel Willis Bump (born 1952) is a mathematician who is a professor at Stanford University. He is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society since 2015, for "contributions to number theory, representation theory, combinatorics, and random matrix theory, as well as mathematical exposition".[1]

He has a Bachelor of Arts from Reed College, where he graduated in 1974.[2] He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1982 under the supervision of Walter Lewis Baily, Jr.[3] Among his students is president of the National Association of Mathematicians Edray Goins.

Selected publications

  • Bump, D., & Schilling A. (2017). "Crystal Bases: Representations and Combinatorics". World Scientific
  • Bump, D. (1998). Automorphic forms and representations. Cambridge University Press.
  • Bump, D. (2004). Lie Groups. Springer. ISBN 978-0387211541.
  • Bump, D. (1998). Algebraic Geometry. World Scientific.
  • Bump, D., Friedberg, S., & Hoffstein, J. (1990). "Nonvanishing theorems for L-functions of modular forms and their derivatives". Inventiones Mathematicae, 102(1), pp. 543–618.
  • Bump, D., & Ginzburg, D. (1992). "Symmetric square L-functions on GL(r)". Annals of Mathematics, 136(1), pp. 137–205.


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