Dance of a Dream

Dance of a Dream (Chinese: 愛君如夢) is a 2001 Hong Kong romantic comedy film co-produced and directed by the film's cinematographer, Andrew Lau and starring Andy Lau, Anita Mui and Sandra Ng.

Dance of a Dream
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MandarinÀi Jūn Rú Mèng
CantoneseNgoi3 Gwan1 Jyu4 Mung6
Directed byAndrew Lau
Produced byAndy Lau
Andrew Lau
Written byFelix Chong
StarringAndy Lau
Anita Mui
Sandra Ng
Music byJacky Chan
Marco Wan
CinematographyAndrew Lau
Ko Chiu-Lam
Edited byDanny Pang
Curran Pang
Distributed byMedia Asia Distribution
Release date
  • 21 December 2001 (2001-12-21)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$17,794,076


Namson Lau (Andy Lau) is a ballroom dancing instructor. On stage, he is a refined and suave gentleman, but in reality, he is cunning and greedy, and dancing has become a mean to strike fortune for him, without any other levels of significance. Kam (Sandra Ng) possesses mediocre qualifications and have been living a dull life in toil, but is optimistic in nature. One time in a ball held by aristocrat Tina Cheung (Anita Mui), Namson performs a dance with Tina which Kam witnesses, who is enchanted by Namson's elegant dance movements, and decides to enroll in Namson's dance courses, hoping to fulfill of dream of dancing elegantly with him. Meanwhile, Namson was also entrusted by Tina's younger brother, Jimmy (Edison Chen), to instruct his sister in tango. On one hand, Kam works hard in part-time jobs to pay her dance tuition, while on the other hand, Namson works to fulfill his dream of buying his dream dance studio in Central and participate in the Blackpool Dance Festival in England. Because of this, Namson have been neglecting the influence that dance brings to his students, and only cares about making money from his students, like the time where he met Tina at the ball, where his cool was to lure Tina into taking dance lessons from him and earning high tuition fess.

While teaching Tina and Kam, Namson gradually realizes how he has been lost about the art of dance. Seeing him in this condition, Kam organizes a party with her fellow dance students for Namson to be happy. The joy of the students dancing in the party gave a positive influence to Namson and the unsociable Tina, who becomes more outgoing. Afterwards, Tina also teaches Kam tango that she learned from Namson, and also purchases Namson's dream studio as a gift to him. At this time, Namson realizes he had fallen in love with Kam. Namson also gets into a moral dilemma of whether to be with Tina in order to fulfill his dream, or Kam, whom he truly loves and have been highly supportive of him.

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Dance of a Dream
Andy Lau, Sandra NgCantonese
Play Some Instruments, Dance a Little
Andy Lau, Anita MuiCantonese
Wish You a Happy Birthday
Andy LauCantonese
Father and Son
Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Sandra Ng,
Ronald Cheng, Gordon Lam, Cherrie Ying,
Lam Chi-chung, Suzanne Chung
Big Reunion
Andy LauCantonese
Do You Still Remember Me
Andy LauMandarin
Let's Dance
Andy Lau, Suzanne ChungMandarin
Andy Lau, Suzanne ChungMandarin
You Are the Best
Andy LauMandarin


Ceremony Category Recipient Outcome
21st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Gordon Lam Nominated


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