Dan Petryk

Daniel P. Petryk[1] (born October 5, 1965) is a Canadian curler.

Dan Petryk
Born (1965-10-05) October 5, 1965
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Curling clubAvonair CC, Edmonton, AB,
Glencoe CC, Calgary, AB
Member Association Alberta
Brier appearances3: (1991, 1992, 1994)
World Championship
1 (1991)
1 (1992) (demo)
Other appearancesWorld Junior Championships: 1 (1986)

He is a 1991 World Men's silver medallist[2] and a 1991 Labatt Brier champion.

He played at the 1992 Winter Olympics when curling was a demonstration sport, Canadian men's team finished at fourth place.[3]


1984–85Kevin MartinMike BergerDan PetrykRick FeenyCJCC 1985
1985–86Kevin MartinMike BergerDan PetrykRick FeenyWJCC 1986
1990–91Kevin MartinKevin ParkDan PetrykDon BartlettJules OwcharBrier 1991
WCC 1991
1991–92Kevin MartinKevin ParkDan PetrykDon BartlettJules OwcharWOG 1992 (4th)
Brier 1992
1993–94Ed LukowichFred MaxieDan PetrykSteve PetrykJohn FergusonBrier 1994 (6th)
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2001–02Dan Petryk???
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2003–04Dan Petryk (4th)Jamie Koe (skip)Scott CrippsMike WestlundCC 2004 (9th)
2004–05Dan Petryk (4th)Terry Meek (skip)Josh LambdenEugene Doherty
2005–06Dan Petryk (4th)Terry Meek (skip)Josh LambdenEugene Doherty
2006–07Dan Petryk (4th)Steve Petryk (skip)Josh LambdenEugene Doherty
2007–08Dan PetrykJason BackmanDan MickJason Lesmeister
2008–09Dan PetrykScott CrippsMike WestlundJD Lind
2009–10Dan Petryk (4th)Brent Bawel (skip)Sean O'ConnorJason Lesmeister
2010–11Dan Petryk (4th)Steve Petryk (skip)Kevin YablonskiBrad Chyz
2011–12Dan Petryk (4th)Steve Petryk (skip)Colin HodgsonBrad Chyz
2012–13Dan Petryk (4th)Steve Petryk (skip)Roland RobinsonThomas Usselman
2014–15Mike LibbusDan PetrykJamie ChisholmBrad MacInnis
2015–16Mike LibbusDan PetrykBrad MacInnisPeter Keenan
2016–17Sean O'Connor (4th)Mike Jantzen (skip)Dan PetrykByron Wickerson

Personal life

His older brother Steve is a curler too. The brothers played together on the Ed Lukowich team at 1994 Labatt Brier and some years after it.

Dan Petryk graduated from University of Alberta.

He started curling in 1976 when he was 11 years old.


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