Dale Duguid

Dale Duguid is an Australian visual effects supervisor and producer who is credited on multiple features and TV series.[1] After a career spanning production design, art direction, directing & screenwriting, Dale established a viable visual effects industry for long form production within Australia through the creation of the Visual Effects design and production company Photon Stockman in 1991. Duguid was recognised with a medal from Queen Elizabeth II for having been a prime mover for the vfx industry in Australia.

Duguid’s vfx credits include “Superman Returns,” “Australia,” “House Of Wax,” ”Ghost Ship,” and several others. Duguid has worked with some noted Hollywood talent, and contributed to visual effects nominated for an Oscar (on Superman Returns produced by Gil Adler), and an Emmy award (for mini-series, Moby Dick, which starred Patrick Stewart of Star Trek as Captain Ahab, and was produced by Francis Ford Coppola).[2]

Presently Duguid is an executive producer and CEO of SMI-photon: a visual effects and animation multi-national with interests in Beijing, Hong Kong and Australia.


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