Dag Allemaal

Dag Allemaal is a Flemish weekly family and women's magazine published in Schelle, Belgium. The magazine also provides TV and radio guides.

Dag Allemaal
Editor-in-chiefIlse Beyers
CategoriesWomen's magazine
Television magazine
Circulation349,165 (2013)
PublisherDe Persgroep Publishing NV
Year founded1984 (1984)
CompanyDe Persgroep
Based inSchelle
WebsiteDag Allemaal

History and profile

Dag Allemaal was established in 1984.[1][2] The magazine is part of De Persgroep media group[3][4] and is published by De Persgroep Publishing NV on a weekly basis.[5][6] De Persgroep Publishing NV is part of Magnet Magazines, a subsidiary of De Persgroep.[7] The weekly has its headquarters in Schelle.[2][5]

Dag Allemaal offers entertainment news in addition to TV and radio guides.[5] The magazine has a children magazine, Dag Kids.[1] Belgian caricaturist Marec has been among the contributors for Dag Allemaal since 1994.[8]

Ilse Beyers is the editor-in-chief of Dag Allemaal.[2][1]


During the period of 2006-2007 Dag Allemaal had a circulation of 278,000 copies.[9] The circulation of the magazine was 504,192 copies during the first quarter of 2009.[10] Its circulation fell to 423,103 copies in 2010[11] and to 412,809 copies in 2011.[12] The weekly had a circulation of 396,097 copies in 2012.[2] It was the best-selling magazine in Belgium with a circulation of 349,165 copies in 2013.[13]

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