Daddy at Home

Daddy at Home (企鹅爸爸) is a Singaporean television series which debuted on the local Chinese language channel Channel 8 on 2 November 2009. It stars Chen Hanwei, Li Nanxing , Dawn Yeoh , Ann Kok , Cynthia Koh & Adam Chen as the casts of the series. It was screened every night at 9pm from Monday to Friday.

Daddy at Home
Created byWinnie Wong 王尤红
Tang Yeow 陈耀
Directed byWong Kuang Yong 黄光荣
StarringChen Hanwei
Li Nanxing
Dawn Yeoh
Ann Kok
Cynthia Koh
Adam Chen
Opening theme男能可贵 by Cavin Soh
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes20
Producer(s)Winnie Wong 王尤红
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes per episode
Original networkMediaCorp TV Channel 8
Original release2 November 2009 
15 March 2010
Preceded byBaby Bonus
Followed byTogether
Related showsNanny Daddy (2008)
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The series' Chinese title literally means "penguin father". As the series is about house husbands, the title was derived from the fact that Emperor penguins are the only penguin species of which the male is fully responsible for incubating the eggs.


Main cast

Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮Ye Zhengkang 叶正康Meihui's husband
Li Nanxing 李南星Liu Bang 刘帮Xinbei's husband
Ann Kok 郭舒贤Yang Xinbei 杨欣北Liu Bang's wife
Cynthia Koh 许美珍Chen Meihui 陈美惠Zhengkang's wife
Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊Xia Ruxuan 夏如萱Xiyuan's tuition teacher and zhen feng's girlfriend
Adam Chen 詹金泉Chen Jinfeng "Botak" 陈进峰Meihui's younger brother and ruxuan's boyfriend

Supporting cast

Yan Bingliang 严丙量Yang Shuyong 杨树勇Xinbei's father
Zhu Xiufeng 朱秀凤Lin Aijuan 林爱娟Xinbei's mother
Rachel Chua 蔡艾珈Ye Xilei 叶希雷Zhengkang and Meihui's daughter
Jarrett Lee 李弘Ye Xiyuan 叶希源Zhengkang and Meihui's son
Megan Goh 吴乐轩Liu Si'en 刘思恩Liu Bang and Xinbei's daughter
Bernard Tan 陈川之WymanXinbei's colleague and friend


Liu Bang (Li Nanxing) is senior vice-president of a bank and takes great pride in his social standing. His friend Ye Zhengkang (Chen Hanwei) is a house husband who looks after the household and children while his wife Meihui (Cynthia Koh) owns a beauty parlour. Liu Bang, being a traditionalist, disapproves of this arrangement but Zhengkang is undaunted by the unwanted attention he occasionally receives due to his unusual "occupation".

However, the financial crisis hits Singapore and both Liu Bang and Zhengkang find themselves cash-strapped. Liu Bang in particular was the worst affected. As he had offended a superior years ago, he quickly became a target in the mass entrenchment. His wife Xinbei (Ann Kok) is forced to find a job to support the family. Liu Bang has to swallow his ego as he is suddenly forced to take over homemaker duties from his wife.

Meanwhile, Meihui's younger brother Jinfeng (Adam Chen) moves in with the family. The carefree happy-go-lucky Jinfeng falls head over heels for his nephew's tuition teacher Ruxuan (Dawn Yeoh) and tries his best to woo her.

Awards & Nominations

Daddy at Home earned several nominations at the 2010 Star Awards.The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series are Together , Housewives' Holiday , Perfect Cut 2 & Reunion Dinner and Best Theme Songs are Together , Perfect Cut 2 ,Table of Glory and The Ulimatum

Star Awards 2010

Best Actor
Chen Hanwei
Best Drama Serial
Best Theme Song
男能可贵 by Cavin SohNominated
Best Screenplay
Winne Wong/Tang YeowNominated



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