Dad and Dave: On Our Selection

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection is an Australian comedy film, based on the characters and writings of author Steele Rudd. It is set in late nineteenth century colonial Queensland, but largely filmed in Braidwood, New South Wales. The stories of the Rudds have been previously adapted for radio, television and film; this film is a remake of a silent film from 1920. Geoffrey Atherden contributed to the screenplay. The film featured well-known actors like Ray Barrett and Barry Otto.

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection
Directed byGeorge Whaley
Produced byBruce Davey
Written byGeoffrey Atherden
Steele Rudd
StarringLeo McKern, Joan Sutherland, Geoffrey Rush
Music byPeter Best. The theme song by John Williamson
Distributed byIcon Entertainment International
Umbrella Entertainment
Release date
20 July 1995

"Dad" and "Mum" Rudd were played by veteran actor Leo McKern and opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland in her only feature film role. The theme music was sung by Australian country musician John Williamson.

Plot summary

The film portrays the Rudd family of 'Aussie battlers' in late 19th century colonial Australia; Dad and Mother Rudd, and their hardworking but somewhat gormless son Dave. They take up a selection of land and attempt to farm it. The difficulties of the early colonial farming life are portrayed, with its ups and downs, humour and frustrations.

Finally tired of local corruption and the harshness of his life, Dad Rudd decides to run for State Parliament.



The movie was made to honour Australia's centenary of film and cinema. Despite a cast of well-known actors and actresses, it was not well received.

Rob Lowing, film critic for the Sydney Morning Herald rated the movie three stars out of four. Lowing described the film as "enormous fun" and praised the production values as "impeccable".[1]

Box Office

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection grossed $1,222,051 at the box office in Australia,.[2]

Home Media

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection was released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment in May 2006. The DVD is compatible with all region codes and includes special features such as the original theatrical trailer, unique Umbrella Entertainment trailers, a stills and poster gallery, TV spots, a behind the scenes making-of featurette and on-set footage and interviews with cast and crew.[3]

The original soundtrack has been released twice on CD. First by EMI Records in 1995 with dialogue excerpts, and then reissued in 2002 in a limited Collector's Edition by Australian film music recording archivist, Philip Powers, on the 1M1 Records label. The re-issue was without dialogue and contained a 19-minute medley of the songs.[4]

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