DVD+R DS (DS stand for Double Side) a sub category of DVD+R. It can only be written once. (DVD+RW can be written, erased and rewritten)[1][2]

DVD capacity
Diameter Disk Type Data sectors
(2,048 B each)
cm Bytes MiB GB
12 DVD-R, DVD-RW (SS-SL)2,298,4964,707,319,8084489.2504.7
DVD+R, DVD+RW (SS-SL)2,295,1044,700,372,9924482.6254.7
DVD-R DL (SS)4,171,7128,543,666,1768147.8758.5
DVD+R DL (SS)4,173,8248,547,991,5528152.0008.5
DVD-R DS, DVD-RW DS (SL)4,596,9929,414,639,6168978.5009.4
DVD+R DS, DVD+RW DS (SL)4,590,2089,400,745,9848965.2509.4
DVD-R DS (DL)8,343,42417,087,332,35216,295.75017.0
DVD+R DS (DL)8,347,64817,095,983,10416,304.00017.0
  • SL / DL – Single/Dual layer
  • SS / DS – Single/Double sided

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