DTEK (укр. ДТЕК) is a strategic holding company that develops business streams in the energy sector. DTEK companies produce coal and natural gas, generate electricity at the thermal power plants and renewable energy power plants, supply heating and electricity to end consumers, and provide energy services.[2]

IndustryCoal industry
Founded2005 (2005)
FounderRinat Akhmetov
Area served
Key people
Maksym Tymchenko (CEO)
Production output
37.14 TWh (2017)[1]
Revenue 4.300 billion (2017)[1]
€107.16 million (2017)[1]
Total assets €1.520 billion (2017)[1]
OwnerRinat Akhmetov
Number of employees
13,000 (2017)[1]
ParentSCM Holdings

The company is owned by SCM Holdings, a holding company of a Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov.[3] It was established in 2005 and is a conglomerate of various companies from coal mining to power generation.[3] The CEO of the company is Maksym Tymchenko.[4]


DTEK was established in 2005 to manage SCM Group's[5] energy assets. It included Pavlogradugol, Komsomolets Donbasu coal mine, Vostokenergo and Service-Invest companies. In 2006, PEM-Energougol, Pavlogradska and Kurakhovska mine were included. Next year, the Dobropilska coal mine, Oktyabrskaya and Mospin were included.[6] Also, in 2007, a large-scale program of modernization of all Vostokenergo units was launched, and rating agencies Moody's and Fitch assigned international credit ratings to the companies for the first time.[7]

In 2008, Wind Power company was created to implement wind power projects.[8] In the future, it became part of the operating company DTEK RES, which manages all of DTEK's renewable energy assets today.[9]

In 2009, the company exported electricity to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia for the first time, receiving the relevant right to auction access to international networks.[7]

In November 2011, DTEK won the concession tender for state-owned anthracite-mining companies Rovenkianthracite and Sverdlovanthracite in Luhansk Oblast.[10] These companies mine about 17% of Ukraine's coal and in total and 24% of anthracite.[11]

In January 2012, DTEK acquired 45.1% of share in Zakhidenergo in addition to existing 25.06% stake.[12][13]

In December 2012, DTEK's subsidiary DTEK Oil and Gas signed a memorandum of understanding with Australian synthetic fuel company Linc Energy to evaluate potential of the underground coal gasification on the DTEK's coal resources.[14]

In 2012, the turbines of the first phase of the Botievskaya wind farm were launched, which became the first investment project in renewable energy. WPP reached its design capacity in 2014, becoming the largest wind farm in Ukraine.[15]

In July 2014 several mines were suspended by the company because of fighting during the War in Donbass.[16]

In 2016, Petroleum Production produced a record 1.6 billion m³ of natural gas. In 2017, the first solar power plant to be commissioned - the Trifan SES in the Kherson region[17]

In 2018, DTEK launched a network of high-speed charging stations for STRUM electric vehicles.[18]

In 2019, DTEK builds largest solar power plant in Europe with 246 MW capacity. Solar-Farm 1 LLC launched the largest solar power plant in Ukraine with a capacity of 246 MW in Nikopol district of Dnipro region.[19]


As of 2017, DTEK had an installed capacity of 17,710 MW and generated 37.14 TWh of electricity.[1]

DTEK Energy

DTEK Energy (укр. ДТЕК Енерго) is a DTEK operating company responsible for coal production, electricity generation and distribution. [https://energo.dtek.com/en/]. The assets of DTEK Energy are represented by 17 mines and 5 coalprocessing plants, thermal power plants of DTEK Skhidenergo, DTEK Dniproenergo, DTEK Zakhidenergo, Kyivenergo and Mironovskaya TPP, an affiliate of DTEK Donetskoblenergo. The total installed capacity – 17 GW. Also includes 5 distribution companies serving 3.4 million customers.[20]

By early 2013 75% of Ukraine's power generation capacities was controlled by DTEK. In 2012, DTEK controlled 54% of thermal generation capacities, and generates about 28% of Ukraines total energy output.[21] DTEK owns DTEK Skhidenergo producing company and DTEK Vysokovoltni merezhi (Power Grid) transmission company, and has majority stakes in DTEK Dniproenergo (72.9%), Kyivenergo (72.4%), DTEK Zakhidenergo (70.9%), DTEK Dniprooblenergo (51.5%), DTEK Donetskoblenergo (71.34%), DTEK Krymenergo (57.49%) power generation and distribution companies.[12][22][23][24] All of the produced electricity is supplied to the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine, a state-owned company. In addition to electricity sale in Ukraine, DTEK exports electricity to Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Belarus.[25]

DTEK Renewables

DTEK Renewables (укр. ДТЕК ВДЕ) is the operation company managing DTEK’s assets in the renewable energy sector.

DTEK RES is the largest producer of electric energy from wind in Ukraine. In 2016 the ‘green’ energy supply has reached 608.4 mil kWh. Installed capacity of Botiyevska wind power plant is 200 MW.[26] Company has launched Tryfonivka solar power plant with a capacity of 10 MW in Kherson region in August 2017.[27]

DTEK Oil&Gas

DTEK Oil&Gas (укр. ДТЕК Нафтогаз) is an operating company in charge of the oil and gas sector in the structure of DTEK energy holding. DTEK Naftogaz's assets portfolio includes Naftogazvydobuvannia and Naftogazrozrobka, which carry out exploration and production of hydrocarbons in three licensed areas in Poltava and Kharkiv regions.

DTEK Oil & Gas in 2017 boosted natural gas production by 1.2% from 2016, to 1.65 bcm.[28]


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