DHC Sokol Poruba

DHC Sokol Poruba is a Czech women's handball club from Ostrava's Poruba district originally established as BK Ostrava (a.k.a. Cosmetic Ostrava for sponsorship reasons) in 1997. BK Ostrava won the national championship in its two first seasons, taking part in the Champions League.[1] In 2010 it was disbanded and refounded, taking its current name.

DHC Sokol Poruba
Full nameDHC Sokol Poruba
Founded1997 / 2019
Czech League
2011–12WHIL: 4th
Czech League: 1st
Club colours    
Official site

In 2012 the team won its third league.[2] The 2012–13 EHF Cup will mark its debut in EHF competitions under its current form.[3]


European record

Season Competition Round Club 1st leg 2nd leg Aggregate
2016-17 Challenge Cup R3 HC Mamuli 34–12 31–7 65–19
1/8 KHF Shqiponja 51–18 46–22 97–40
1/4 Kram Start Elbląg 24–29 27–14 51–43
1/2 H 65 Höör 16–28 14–22 30–50


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