Dòmhnall Ballach Mac Dhòmhnaill

Dòmhnall Ballach Mac Dhòmhnaill, aka Donald Balloch MacDonald, Gaelic lord, died about 1476.

Dòmhnall Ballach Mac Dhòmhnaill
Title2nd Clan Chief
PredecessorJohn Mór Tanister
SuccessorJohn Mor MacDonald, 3rd of Dunnyveg


Dòmhnall Ballach was a son of Iain Mòr Tànaiste MacDhòmhnaill and Margaret Bisset, daughter of MacEoin Bisset, Lord of The Glens. He was the second lord of Clan MacDonald of Dunnyveg.

He succeeded to the lordship after his father was murdered by James Campbell after a scheduled meeting at Ard-du, Islay in 1427. Mac Dhòmhnail took revenge and James Campbell was executed, protesting however, that it was done under the King James I of Scotland's order.

Known as a military leader he was chosen to lead Clan Donald and defeated the forces of King James I at the battle of Inverlochy in 1431.[1] Subsequently, after a number of defeats against Royal forces Mac Dhòmhnail was forced to flee to Ireland. A pickled head was presented by his friend, the Irish king, Eoghan mac Néill Óg Ó Néill, who presented it to the King James I, as that of Mac Dhòmhnail. After the death of King James I, he returned to Dunnyveg in 1437.

He died on an islet upon Loch Gruinart, Islay about 1476.


By his first wife Johanna, daughter of Conn O'Neill of Edenduffcarrick, they had;

By his second wife Joan, daughter of O'Donnell, Lord of Tyrconnel, they had;

  • Agnes, who married Thomas Bannatyne of Knraes.


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