DÖSİMM, an acronym for Döner Sermaye İşletmesi Merkez Müdürlüğü ("Revolving Funds Management Central Directory") is a sub unit of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

DÖSİMM has a market chain in Turkey which sell traditional crafts and books. It is also responsible in museum revenue and provides resources for protection, maintenance, and development of cultural heritage, and culture and tourism infrastructure investments.[1]


The total number of visitors to DÖSİMM - controlled locations in 2017 was 20 509 000.[2]

The most visited locations are listed below

Location or museum Province No.of visitors
(in 000s)
World Heritage Site status
Mevlana MuseumKonya Province2480[lower-alpha 1]
Topkapı Palaceİstanbul Province1932[lower-alpha 2]
Hagia Sophiaİstanbul Province1892[lower-alpha 2]
PamukkaleDenizli Province1494Main list
Ephesusİzmir Province996Main list
GöremeNevşehir Province682Main list
Haji Bektash Veli ComplexNevşehir Province492Tentative list
Ihlara ValleyAksaray Province386
Republic MuseumAnkara Province360
TroyÇanakkale Province329Main list


  1. Konya city is in the tentative list
  2. "Historic places in İstanbul" is in the main list


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