Cyril McLaglen

Cyril McLaglen (18991987) was a British actor who appeared in a variety of films between 1920 and 1951. He was born in London in 1899 and made his film debut in the 1920 film The Call of the Road. He was the younger brother of the actor Victor McLaglen.[1]

Cyril McLaglen
Born9 September 1899
Died11 July 1987
Years active1920–1951

McLaglen enjoyed success in the late silent era, and was placed under contract to Gainsborough Pictures, appearing in some of the studio's biggest films of the late 1920s. His career started to falter with the arrival of sound and he began to appear in low-budget quota quickies.

In the mid-1930s he emigrated to the United States, but his roles in Hollywood were even more limited and often consisted in small, often uncredited roles. His screen career had wound down by 1942, but he made one final appearance in the 1951 film Soldiers Three.



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