Cypriot Albums Chart

The Cypriot album charts track the weekly album sales in Cyprus. They function under the supervision of the worldwide music organisation IFPI.

They were first put together in 1992 and were presented by All Records music company until December 2006. Since 2007 they are brought together by Musical Paradise.

An album has to sell at least 3,000 copies to be certified Gold, and 6,000 copies to be certified Platinum

As music sales have been declining worldwide due to the rising importance of internet in the music industry, album sales in Cyprus have been shrinking steadily since 2002.

The best-selling album of all time, according to IFPI is Anna Vissi's huge-hit album "Kravgi". The album sold more than 42,000 copies and was certified 7 times Platinum. Kravgi also holds the record of the album with the most weeks at No. 1: a record 32 weeks.

The first album to be certified multi-platinum was Alexia's "Ta Klassika" (The Classics, 1992).

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