Cygnet River, South Australia

Cygnet River is a locality in the Australian state of South Australia located on Kangaroo Island about 192 kilometres (119 miles) south-west of the state capital of Adelaide and about 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) from the municipal seat of Kingscote.[3]

Cygnet River
South Australia
Kingscote Airport and the adjoining land use as viewed from the north
Cygnet River
Coordinates35.698280°S 137.519580°E / -35.698280; 137.519580
Population257 (shared with other localities within the “State Suburb of Menzies”) (2011 census)[1][lower-alpha 1]
Elevation6 m (20 ft)[4]
Time zoneACST (UTC+9:30)
 • Summer (DST)ACST (UTC+10:30)
LGA(s)Kangaroo Island Council
RegionFleurieu and Kangaroo Island[5]
State electorate(s)Mawson[6]
Federal Division(s)Mayo[7]
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
21.0 °C
70 °F
8.9 °C
48 °F
444.0 mm
17.5 in
Suburbs around Cygnet River:
Menzies Menzies
Brownlow KI
Kohinoor Cygnet River Nepean Bay (water body)
Kohinoor Kohinoor
Nepean Bay
Adjoining localities[2]

Its boundaries were created in 2002 in respect to “the long established name” which is reported to be derived from the stream located within its boundaries.[2]

The major land use within the locality is primary production.[8] The locality also includes the Kingscote Airport and the Cygnet Estuary Conservation Park.[8][2]

Cygnet River contains the following places listed on the South Australian Heritage Register - the Farm and Eucalyptus Oil Distillery Ruins, Duck Lagoon and the Dwelling & Eucalyptus Oil Distillery Ruins (Cygnet River).[9][10]

Cygnet River is located within the federal division of Mayo, the state electoral district of Mawson and the local government area of the Kangaroo Island Council.[7][6][2]

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