Cycling at the 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe

Two disciplines of cycling will be contested at the 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe; road cycling and mountain biking. A total of eight medal events will be held.

at the 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe
VenueSan Marino
Dates30 May–03 June 2017
Competitors87 from 9 nations

Medal table

1 Luxembourg (LUX)5128
2 Cyprus (CYP)2305
3 San Marino (SMR)*2103
4 Andorra (AND)0123
5 Iceland (ISL)0112
 Malta (MLT)0112
 Monaco (MON)0112
Totals (7 nations)99725

Medal summary

Road cycling

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's road race
 Pit Leyder (LUX)2h 22' 33"  Federico Olei (SMR)s.t.  Andrej Petrovski (MON)+ 1"
Women's road race
 Elise Maes (LUX)2h 17' 23"  Erla Sigurlaug Sigurdardottir (ISL)+ 4' 10"  Edie Rees (LUX)+ 4' 10"
Men's road race team
 San Marino
Michael Antonelli
Federico Gasperoni
Luigi Giulietti
Federico Olei
7h 7' 46"  Andorra
David Albós
Oscar Cabanas
Albert Gomez
Julio Pintado
+ 3"  Malta
Etienne Bonello
Maurice Formosa
James Mifsud
Alexander Pettett
+ 4"
Women's road race team
Anne-Sophie Harsch
Chantal Hoffmann
Elise Maes
Edie Rees
7h 0' 30"  Malta
Stephanie Alden
Marie Claire Aquilina
Michelle Vella Wood
+ 4' 17" not awarded
Men's time trial
 Andreas Miltiadis (CYP)21' 59.54"  Victor Langellotti (MON)+ 7.28"  Julio Pintado (AND)+ 12.93"
Women's time trial
 Antri Christoforou (CYP)18' 53.24"  Elise Maes (LUX)+ 30.87"  Anne-Sophie Harsch (LUX)+ 1' 03.62"

Mountain biking

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's cross-country
 Soren Nissen (LUX)1h 12' 18"  Andreas Miltiadis (CYP)+ 1' 07"  Guy Díaz Grollier (AND)+ 1' 40"
Women's cross-country
 Fabienne Schaus (LUX)53' 15"  Antri Christoforou (CYP)+ 1' 48"  Erla Sigurlaug Sigurðardóttir (ISL)+ 10' 45"
Men's cross-country team
 San Marino
Luca Francioni
Marco Francioni
Federico Olei
Marco Poggiali
3h 54' 20"  Cyprus
Alexandros Matsangos
Andreas Miltiadis
Petros Procopides
Konstantinos Thymides
+ 2' 29" not awarded


Men's road race

Rank Rider Country Time
1 Pit Leyder  Luxembourg 2h 22' 33"
2 Federico Olei  San Marino s.t.
3 Andrej Petrovski  Monaco 2h 22' 34"
4 Brandon Rivera Vargas  Monaco s.t.
5 Julio Pintado  Andorra s.t.
6 Óskar Ómarsson  Iceland s.t.
7 Etienne Bonello  Malta s.t.
8 Federico Gasperoni  San Marino 2h 22' 36"
9 Armando Archimandrites  Cyprus s.t.
10 Anton Orn Elfarsson  Iceland 2h 22' 37"


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