Cycling at the 2011 Pan Arab Games

At the 2011 Pan Arab Games, the cycling events were held at Lusail Cycling Circuit in Doha, Qatar from 19–23 December. A total of 7 events were contested.[1]

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual Road Race  Adil Jelloul (MAR)  Azzedine Lagab (ALG)  Youcef Reguigui (ALG)
Team Road Race  Algeria (ALG)
Azzedine Lagab
Abdelmalek Madani
Youcef Reguigui
 Morocco (MAR)
Reda Aadel
Ismail Ayoune
Tarik Chaoufi
Adil Jelloul
Mouhssine Lahsaini
Abdelati Saadoune
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Bader Albloodhi
Yousif Alhammadi
Khaled Ali Theni
Individual Time Trial  Rafaa Chtioui (TUN)  Mouhssine Lahsani (MAR)  Azzedine Lagab (ALG)
Team Time Trial  Morocco (MAR)
Ismail Ayoune
Adil Jelloul
Mouhssine Lahsaini
Abdelati Saadoune
 Tunisia (TUN)
Rafaa Chtioui
Riadh Ghdamesi
Meher Hasnaoui
Aymen Mraihi
 Algeria (ALG)
Abdelah Benyoucef
Abderrahmane Bourezza
Azzedine Lagab
Abdelmalek Madani


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual Road Race  Samah Khaled (JOR)  Nour Dissem (TUN)  Ebtissam Mohamed (EGY)
Team Road Race  Tunisia (TUN)
Nour Dissem
Rihab Hijajij
Rihab Mansouri
 Egypt (EGY)
Kheloud Ali
Aya Hassan
Ebtissam Mohamed
 Jordan (JOR)
Hanade Alazazmeh
Samah Khaled
Razan Soboh
Individual Time Trial  Asmaa Namli (MAR)  Nour Dissem (TUN)  Razan Soboh (JOR)

Medal table

1 Morocco3205
2 Tunisia2305
3 Algeria1135
4 Jordan1023
5 Egypt0112
6 United Arab Emirates0011
Totals (6 nations)77721


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